January 17, 2008

Today's Loser Award Goes To...

The wonderful court system of Livingston County (Howell, Michigan). And to the judge, case worker and/or probation officer who is over my children's "father's" child support case.

Thanks to you dismissing his last show cause hearing, he is no longer paying child support. (As of Dec.10) Which leads me to ask... wasn't that part of his probation, to pay child support? Shouldn't he have to continue to show up for those hearings so you can make sure he's doing what he's suppose to be doing? Aren't you getting paid to monitor that? Isn't that your j.o.b.?

OH no... you looked at his file and saw that since he started paying child support in the fall, that he was no longer the dead beat dad he's been for the last 14 years. (You know, because he was paying support for all of 3 months.) And I'm sure you had faith and confidence that he would continue to make his support payments. I'm sure he had you all fooled into thinking he was really turning over a new leaf THIS time. (By the way, have any of you SEEN his record?? How many "new leaves" does he get?)

I guess my question to you would be... How many times are you going to fall for that? Idiots! You all are idiots!! How long have you worked with people "in the system"? They don't change. Duh!

So thanks for dismissing that hearing (that would have taken all of 5 minutes), because as soon as he got that letter in the mail telling him he didn't have to show up for court, he quit his job so he wouldn't have to pay me support. Because that's the kind of new leaf he turns over.

You are truly exceptional leaders for the Livingston County Court System. And I thank God I'm not paying your salaries!!