January 11, 2008

Move Over Ann Coulter

Let's all welcome our newly most hated newswhore ... Wendy Murphy.

I wasn't into the whole "Duke" rape case, so I wasn't aware of this woman. I wish I could go back to that time.

While watching CNN tonight, there she was in all her glory... talking about how the government should focus on homeschooling families. How the children of homeschooling families need help and need the government to step in to make sure they're ok. WAIT! I bet you're thinking that I'm talking about their schooling, their education? OH NO, I'm talking about their well being. Because according to Miss. Wendy Murphy, homeschooled children are most likely being abused by their parents and will someday end up dead. Because WHY would a parent want to keep their child home and educate them as they want? There must be major abuse going on because they're keeping them hidden from the world.

Sorry, but I keep my kids home and educate them myself because the government's NOT doing it's job, in education or anywhere else.

I'll tell you what Miss. Murphy... when the government takes care of the neglected kids they clearly KNOW about, then you can open your big former prosecuting ex-NFL cheerleading mouth about homeschooling.

Just for giggles, here's what she has to say about shunning families:

Nice huh? So Wendy... should we send the government in to help them, or do it your way and just IGNORE them because they're different?

Anyway, she was on there to discuss the Washington case where the children were found dead in their mother's home this week. Government workers knew about these children BEFORE they stopped going to school. They asked for food stamps and were turned down. Asked for help and were turned down. Were living in a van and no one helped them. In 2006 a nurse said it was clear that both parents had substance abuse problems, but they could not receive help because they were living in a van and therefore had no permanent address. They stopped going to school in March after their father died, but no one noticed until May. At that time a social worker went to police and said the mother might be holding the children hostage, therefore making them truant. The officer went to the home and reported back to authorities that they "APPEARED to be healthy and were being homeschooled".

And can I remind you that they were very newly in the "system". They started asking for help in December of 2006 and their file was closed in May of 2007. That's only 5 months!! And you want to get our government involved in homeschooling?

I think it has enough on its hands.