January 20, 2008

It's Cold In These Parts

Ummm, Brrrr! Wow, can it get any colder? Alaska has warmer weather than us right now! I want to go back to Florida!

This weekend flew by way too fast! I wish my town had more black people so I could take MLK jr off! But, yeah, that would not fly here. Unfortunately.

Friday night I didn't do much. I "thought" I was going out, but Mr. R went MIA for about 5 hours so whatever... I went to bed. (After sending him mean text messages of course. lol) Guys are so stupid sometimes. I mean, HELLO, you know Friday night is the ONLY "weekend" night I can do anything. So anyway, I ended up going to bed and getting some really good sleep.

Saturday, T2 had his first basketball game of the season. They got T2's name wrong AGAIN!!! They do this thing at the beginning of every game where they turn off the lights and have a spot light and blare "Let's Get Ready To Rumble" and they say the team's name and then call all the kids out by name and they run out... well, I knew once they got past the C's that they had T2's name wrong again. And they did, they called him by his last name first and first name last. Last year they kept calling him by T1's name which didn't really make sense since T1 has never played basketball there, but anyway... the poor kid!!! So anyway, the game started and as I was sitting there, I looked across the court and thought "Hmm, that looks just like one of the boys' pediatricians" and it was. Well little did I know his son was on T2's team. So after the game we all go into the locker room and the kids get stars for whatever the team mom thinks they excelled at during the game. T2 got a blue star for "Best Effort". Well, they were going down a list of the colors of stars and what they meant and when they gave T2 his, I forgot what the blue was for, so after we were done and back out in the gym, the team mom was walking by and I stopped her and asked what the color meant. She looked it up in her note book and said something along the lines of: "Oh, is your son (so and so)" and I said "Yes" and she said "Well, I made sure they got his name right on their sheet for next week!! I heard them say it wrong and I want you to know I fixed it!" And I was like "OH, well thank you very much!!! That was so nice of you!!!" and then her husband walked up and low and behold it was the boys' doctor and he acted like he knew us. I always like when we get him! They are in a group, so my kids have their "main" doctor (which isn't him) but sometimes if she's too booked, they get to see him and he's SO nice! He's real laid back and easy going and will answer all your questions and doesn't make you feel like you're stupid for asking. So anyway, I'm excited that his son is on T2's team and I got to sort of meet his wife. She seems really nice too!

The rest of the day was spent cleaning and doing laundry. Very exciting. We left late for Muncie and almost didn't go but my dad forgot his cell phone and just HAD to have it. lol So we went and ended up spending the night and were planning on going to church, but woke up this morning to frozen pipes and no water. So, no water... no shower... no church. My mom didn't go either so she made the boys and I a big breakfast. We ate, watched some tv and then left early. We got home and thankfully our pipes were fine and the house was nice and warm.

I was suppose to have an interview this afternoon but they didn't call so it will probably be later this week. We've been playing phone tag all weekend but hopefully they'll call back soon because I really need more daycare kids.

Well, I'm going to bed. I think I'm going to be doing daycare by myself tomorrow so I need to get some sleep. The Indianapolis Home Show is starting this week. We're going on Friday. I can't wait! Saturday is the Monster Jam Truck Show and the last time that Grave Digger will be here, so I really want to take the boys. T2 loves Grave Digger. When we went 2 years ago, he got a big stuffed Grave Digger pillow and still has it sitting in his room.

I wish you all a very happy week ahead!