January 16, 2008


Remember that show? On one of the "mom" forums I'm on, someone brought up that show. I use to love that show. I went in and looked it up to see if it was out on dvd, but no such luck. Although I did find out that it came out in 1987 which meant I was only 14 years old. It's weird that I was watching that at 14 thinking about what my life would be like when I was in my 30's and here I am... almost 35. Life is nothing like I thought it would be, but it's still all good! Can't complain!

I went tanning this morning and took one of my new cds that I got in the mail the other day. It's the conference from Dr. Wayne Dyer, "Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life". I got the book too. It's really good. Although it's all about the Tao, it does mention God quite a bit. I am careful not to let things like the Tao void out the Bible. I think it's ok to read things like this and "The Secret" just as long as you remember WHO made the universe and WHO is still in charge. However, I do believe there are other things out there that can help out along the way. Anyway, I usually like to tan in the stand up because that only takes 10 minutes and the bed takes 20, but I really enjoyed laying there listening to my cd.

Mr. R started his new job this week, or rather "training" for his new job and that means he's in training/classes from 8-5 every day sitting at a table listening to people speak and doing exercises with his co-workers such as getting blindfolded and using rope to make a square together. LOL I have to laugh because he is SO not that kind of person and I know he hates it. Poor thing! Besides, he doesn't need any class to teach him how to get along with people, he's great at that! It's so sad because at some point during the day he'll text me and say: "This sucks!"

It's such a boring Wednesday here but boring is good. I think Mr. R is coming over tonight and we'll eat and watch a movie. I rented Superbad last night. I hope it's not too bad for the kids. I thought it was PG-13, but NO it's rated R. I hate that! I want to see "Mad Money". Maybe this weekend if we're not snowed in. We're suppose to get a big snowstorm this weekend but I hope is passes us, T2's first game is Saturday morning. He's so excited.

Well, Mr. R brought over some Valentine Reese cups and I'm going to go get one out of the fridge. Cause you know that's where you have to keep them, right?! Have a great day!