January 6, 2008

Let The Judgement Begin Part I

The truth will set you free right? I'm all about truth right now and I have an energy that I haven't had for awhile. I feel like I am ready to run AT the world instead of away from it. I feel like my decisions are MY decisions and if I fail... well, then I'll know who my real friends and "family friends" (*see below) are. If I fail and I hear "I told you so"... well, then those people weren't my real friends anyway. If I fail and I hear "Ok, pick yourself up and try again. I'm still here beside you and I still love you the same"... well, then those are my real friends and they are all that matters to me.

And by the way... everyone I know has some major failures or dysfunctions in their lives, so I'm pretty sure my friends and "family friends" will still be standing by me in the end. I guess it's not them, that I was worried about this whole time. No, it's all the "other" people. People that don't even really matter in my life, but people who will be the first to judge you for all your choices. I have decided this year, people like this aren't going to exist to me.

I was brought up in the church and for that I am VERY grateful!!! I love God and I'm more than happy being a Christian and living a Christian life. But life isn't perfect no matter who or what you believe in. And I will be the first to admit... Us Christians, we like to judge! I'm guilty too and it's one thing that needs to stop. I was thinking on my way home from Michigan last night about that saying "You must be the change you want to see in the world". It's true. How can you continue to judge everyone else while you're not perfect yourself. And how can you expect everyone else to change if you don't? Think about that... (And yes, I know there are plenty of bible verses that would have went along with the "judging" thing - I just don't feel like you have to preach to people to make a point.)

Anyway, to make a long story short... I am pursuing something this year that isn't going to make everyone happy. And to them I say "Deal with it!". Maybe things will work out wonderful, maybe they won't. I don't think there's a perfect plan to anything in life that guarantees it will work out just the way you wanted it to. (Except for following God.) Life is about choices and taking chances. I've sat idle for the last few years, not wanting to take risks and too afraid of failure and judgement. Not this year, this year I'm diving into risk.

And for those of you who love to judge... stay tuned honey, cause I'll give you enough to keep you busy for all of 2008!

More later...

*Family Friends - extended family members that you also consider your friends. Not everyone can be "friends" with their family members. I am lucky... my family has its dysfunctions like all the other families in the world, but we get along pretty well and some of us are actually friends.