January 13, 2008

Tax Time

It's tax time. Just thought I'd put that out there. I have nothing to say about that, I was just sitting here trying to come up with a title and saw my attendance and food records for last year sitting on my desk just waiting for April 14.

T2 had basketball pictures yesterday and I was so irritated!! They all get uniforms which include: a jersey, shorts and a WHITE tee shirt with the Upward logo. They were suppose to wear their "uniforms" for pictures and so at 8:00 AM yesterday, I was up getting T2's white shirt in the dryer. I had washed everything else Thursday night and washed whites Friday afternoon. I forgot they were in the washer until I was tossing back and forth trying to get to sleep around 2am Saturday morning. I would have gotten up and put them in the dryer right then, but our dryer is upstairs and there were 4 other people sleeping and I was feeling nice. So, I made myself a note and put it on the bathroom sink so I'd remember. Hard work I tell ya. But, you do what you're suppose to do, right? Yeah, not everyone. As soon as we walked in, I looked over at his team and saw one little boy with his gold jersey and shorts with a BLACK tee shirt underneath. I about flipped!! A BLACK tee shirt? WHY???? I swear, there always has to be one kid that ruins all the group pictures!!!! Of course, I'm anal like that and it just bugged me all day. I looked over at the other group and they had a kid on their team in dark blue shorts with a light blue stripe down the sides... totally out of uniform. So I guess there really is one on every team. I wish this sort of thing bugged others like it bugs me. Perfectionist thinking IS good. Right?

The same thing happened at our family Christmas... we were all taking pics up against a white wall and for the separate family shots, we could have had everyone centered without any wood or trim on the sides, but it didn't happen that way. And of course, you never notice those things until after the pics are taken. Oh well, I guess I'm just picky about pictures.

We didn't do much this weekend. Friday night we went out with Mr. R and looked for basketball shoes for T2. He didn't find any he liked. Then we went to Starbucks and I got a Double Chocolate Chip frap. And as much as I loves me some chocolate, I didn't care for this. Something about the chocolate pieces coming up in the straw with the rest of the drink just didn't do it for me. I don't like chunks of things mixed in drinks. I like little pieces of ice, but not anything else. Not to mention it's 510 calories for a Grande! 510!!! Without the whipped cream it would have only been 400, but when your sippin in that many calories, what's another 110? Guess I better stick to my iced nonfat carmel macchiato. Only 190 calories. I could eat that buttery caramel sauce on everything. Anway... then we went to the video store, they had nothing so decided we'd come home, set up the home theater system I got for Christmas and watch 'Live Free or Die Hard'. Let's just say that we have half the system set up and we didn't get to watch the movie and let's leave it at that. Ok? Ok!

We went to my parent's house last night and then went to church this morning. Stayed for lunch and then came home. I decided I was going to take a nap so got in bed, flipped on the tv and ended up watching this 1963 movie. It's called 'Sunday In New York'. I'm a sucker for old movies. Have you ever noticed how much they smoked in movies back then? And the drinking... They are always making drinks and every house or apartment has a bar and when anyone walks in they make a martini for them. I also like how every restuarant has a band and dancing and how going out to eat was such an event. I love movies from the 60's. Needless to say, I didn't take my nap until later which meant I didn't wake up until oh, about 7:00... which means even though it's almost 10:00, I'm not ready to go back to bed!

And oh my gosh, I now remember why I never watch Extreme Home Makeover... I'm sitting here crying. That little girl is so sweet!! I don't think people really understand what it really is to have the gift of having healthy children! I can't imagine what some parents go through! I guess that would put the nonperfect basketball photo waaay down on the list, huh.

Well, off to bed. The weekend is over and I have a long week ahead. Kiss kiss.