January 23, 2008

I Am Doin' It!!!

I'm totally going to do it... I'm getting my hair cut! And I LOVE this cut! Of course, mine will have blond highlights (which will make it all look blond) but OH MY GOSH... I think I'm really going to do it! Of course it won't be until the end of February when my aunt comes for T1's b-day, but I think I have my mind made up. It's time for a change, I'm almost 35 y'all. Hmm, should I get the eyebrow pierced while I'm at it? Yeah, you're right... I'm too old.


Kellan said...

I love that cute too and have had my hair that way many different times. My hair is longer now, but I have worn it that short all of my life and it is so much easier and so stylish! When you cut it, please put a picture up - I'm dying to see how it looks and how you like it!!! About the eyebrow pierce - um, I dunno - that's your call. Take care my friend. Kellan

Anonymous said...

I love that cut to!! I have had it a few different times, the most recent was just last year at this time!! Go for it, it is so cute, you will love it, and it is so easy to do!!