May 15, 2008

Counting It Down and Drinking It Up

A little over a week away until my family comes to visit and we leave to go on our mini vacation. Yep, I'm counting it down. I'm so ready to get out of here for a couple days. I love mini vacations and I love where we're going!

It's working out that I may only be working Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, for at least part of the summer. This is going to be a nice break and will give me time regroup and figure out where I'm going with the daycare.

T2 is going to the allergist on Monday. I know they are going to give us tons of meds so I'm not looking forward to it. Maybe I'm a bad mom, but I dread all the meds. And I find it hard to talk to them about what I want since it's all about T2. (And it should be!) They don't seem to be open to "natural" methods. I guess I'll give it another try and ask again.

I bought "Mad Money" last night and watched it this afternoon. Good movie!! Makes me want to go out and rob a bank. Loved the ending.

Here comes a vent...

There is a "daycare" in our small town, and when I say "daycare", I use that term loosely because NO ONE has anything good to say about this place. They are illegal, unlicensed and honestly, they need to be shut down. And from what I've heard, there's not a lot of "care" going on in this place.

I have a little girl in my daycare right now who got let go without notice from her last daycare and her mom had to take her to this place a few times before I could take her. Her words about their experience there went something like this: "It's a place that you take your child to and hope and pray they're alive when you get back." Nice.

It's a "drop-in" daycare so they take anyone without notice and she had to go to work and had no where else to take her. This mother stood in my doorway on the first day in tears, thanking me over and over for being able to take her daughter. Nice.

Anyway, the owners of this "daycare" just started a new business in our little town. A bar.

They have a myspace site for their bar. I took a peek tonight and I have to say that I would be absolutely disgusted with these people if I were taking my child to their "daycare".

I mean, is it me, or do bars and daycares just NOT go together? I can't even imagine seeing your child's daycare provider or teacher out drinking it up at a bar, let alone having the person who is caring, teaching and molding your child each day own one.

It's not that I have a problem with drinking necessarily, but I find bars immature.

Their myspace page makes this place look like a skanky dive. They've got pictures of the daycare provider with her boobs sticking out of her shirt singing karaoke. They have another pic of some chic laying on the floor in super SHORT shorts with her butt hanging out and her boobs are practically out of her shirt and she's clearly passed out with her cell phone laying next to her. They make a joke out of the pic because they offer free rides home to anyone who gets too wasted, in their 1980's white limo. Hmm, wonder if the chauffeur is wearing a baby blue polyester suit?

I guess I'm just a lame old woman now. But rest assured parents, the closest thing to alcohol this daycare provider is drinking tonight is Welch's Grape Juice.

I blame my cravings for that stuff on all the Nazarene communions I partook in as a child on Sunday mornings. You know, the ones where they give you grape juice in those little plastic shot glasses. Later on in the week I would get out my mom's wine glasses and the leftover bottle out of our fridge, invite a friend over and we'd play "bar". Sometimes we'd even sneak those plastic shot glasses into our little purses, get our bathing suits on and play "spring break".

My My... nothing like playing "Girls Gone Wild" with the "blood of Jesus".

Please forgive me, Lord!!