May 8, 2008

It's Raining, It's Pouring

Almost every one of my daycare parents came in this morning and mentioned something about the rain and what a lousy day it was. I woke up to the rain and when I went out to get the paper, I said "What a beautiful day!". Do we forget that we need rain? Our grass really needs the rain. Plus it's actually cooled down some and it feels good. I was up at 4am the other night because it was so hot I couldn't sleep. I'm still refusing to turn on the A/C. I figure it will be a nice break on the bills to not use the heat or air for a couple of months. Anyway, I thought it was a great day.

Right at this very moment I'm coloring my hair. Click here to see the color. It claims on the package that it has a "Pure Blonde Guarantee", even on dark brown hair. Well, most of my hair is light brown/blonde so it better work. Mr. R told me to make an appointment at the salon and it would be his Mother's Day gift from him (or rather from the boys) but I don't trust salons. The last time I went to have my hair colored blonde for my best friend's wedding, it ended up a nasty light brown. Now I do it myself. They've really come a long way with packaged hair color, you don't have all the brassiness with the newer ones. And, if I have to wear a hat for a couple of days, oh well. :)

I got it... Monday I start "The Firm" program. I looked through the menus and I can't say I'm excited about that, but I'll try it and see. I have to do something or I'll be wearing a parka all summer.

Kathy Lee Gifford is still the same train wreck she was when she was on Regis. I don't know WHAT The Today Show was thinking. She still talks nonstop about those freakin kids. I swear, I turned it on yesterday morning to watch HER interview and within 5 minutes Kathy Lee was spewing out Cody's name. Then I SWEAR it was only 5 minutes later and she had to bring up Cassidy. GOOD NIGHT lady, we don't want to hear about your dang kids anymore! And the funny thing was, she was all against Heather's blog giving out info on her daughter Leta, and how that's so unsafe, and yet she's been talking about her kids for how many years now? Remember every Christmas when she'd make them come out and perform? GAG! Good job NBC, you just ruined your ratings. I mean, you put Kathy Lee up against Ellen. Not the smartest move.

Well, I'm now 8 minutes past the time I was suppose to rinse my hair so I guess I'd better go do that. I'll let you know how it turns out and if you're lucky, you may get a pic. I know the excitement of that makes you weak in the knees, but try to contain yourselves. :)

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Linda said...

Well, thanks for de-lurking because you made my day. I was reading your profile--think I've been here before because I grew up Nazarene. You don't see that all over bloggyland. And I have a Yorkie. AND I color my own blonde hair--Im always worried I'm over-doing it, esp. at my age (45), but salons have ruined me more than I have hurt myself. Anyway, thanks, and I'm enjoying reading here.