May 12, 2008

Ever Have THOSE Days

You know, where you should have just stayed in bed? Actually my day hasn't been that bad, I just get sick of working. I envy all the stay at home moms of the world and yet I'm not sure if I could be really happy if I didn't work. I like making my own money. Maybe it's the kind of work I'm doing? I have a couple of really hard kids right now and I've been spoiled by really good kiddos so I'm just not use to it.

I started "The Firm" today. I'm a little grouchy at the thought of so many foods being taken away from me. BUT, I know it will be better and something that I just have to get use to. I haven't done my workout yet (dvd) but I did get a bike ride in before I started working this morning. I would have liked to have gone a little longer but T2 was with me and his asthma was acting up.

He's having a lot of issues with his asthma right now so we're going to be doing breathing treatments with the nebulizer twice a day and see how that goes. I tried to get his Xopenex refilled from last year but his insurance company wouldn't do it. So Saturday I get a letter from the company AND a call from the pharmacy letting me know he can no longer have the Xopenex but albuterol instead. OH MY GOODNESS... that's what I wanted last year! I fought and fought to just get the albuterol but his insurance company wanted the Xopenex instead. Guess I finally got my wish. I hate asthma! And I hate that my child feels bad and thinks he "ruined" our bike ride because he couldn't breathe. Poor thing! I told him I was cold and wanted to come home anyway and that we can always go out again tonight. Oh magical cure... I'm looking for you... come on out!

I had a good Mother's Day. My kids were very good to me. T2 picked out a fountain for the living room. It's got a little waterfall with stones at the bottom and a candle that is battery operated. T1's gift was $40 for tanning. (And yes, I did go tanning today.) They didn't need to give me anything, I'm happy just being their mom! :)


Kellan said...

I'm so glad you had a good Mother's Day!! I will pray for that magical cure - I know how difficult it can be, I'm sorry for your and your son. Have a good day tomorrow - see you soon - Kellan

Kellan said...

Hey - thanks for coming by today and leaving the nice comment. Have a good evening - see you - Kellan