January 31, 2006


It's Tuesday, do you think I can actually post for a full week, each day? Well, that is my goal. Speaking of "goals" I've decided I need some. I have the normal every day goals of: keeping myself sane, keeping all the daycare kids alive until their parents can get them, be a good mom, good friend, take time out to read my bible and pray, homeschool my kids, and of course make sure I don't miss The Young and the Restless. lol Well, I'm not talking about every day goals...I'm talking about long term goals and right now, I have a couple. The obvious ones would be to raise my children to be good people and live happy lives. No, I'm talking more about specific goals...right now I have 2.

The first... (as silly as this sounds and I will probably deny ever saying this by Friday...) is that I would really like to find someone. Yes, someone as in a man, a boyfriend and eventually a husband. I think I've been alone along enough and although I find most men annoying, I think there may be a few out there that actually have a brain in their head and love in their heart. Now...where to find this male counterpart. Since I work from home, this is difficult. Although I did have 2 daycare kids once with a single father who asked me out. He wasn't my type. Nice, but not my type. Plus, his mom was menopausily crazy and there is NO way I could have handled her as a mother in law! So, back to where to find a man. Well, there's always friends...YA, no thanks! Those "set ups" almost never work! So where does that leave a single gal with a blog , hmmm right here on the net?! Oh yes, good ol' internet dating...I've been there and done that! I think it's great except for the fact that most people fill their personal ads with tons of lies! Not me, I am straight up honest...probably too honest...which is probably why I don't get hits! Well, that and the fact that my hp program isn't working right and I can't upload a picture. Anyway, I'm totally misguiding you on this goal...getting married is not my goal... dating at this point is not even my goal. And just how will you find your husband you ask...well, at this point I won't. I believe that God speaks to everyone every day...you just have to listen. As since I was brought up in a bible believing Christian home with a minister for a dad, I know this to be true. I believe that God is a jealous God and I know all about jealousy in relationships. At this point I really feel like God is telling me that He's jealous. He's jealous that most of my whole dating life I've spent trying to make bad relationships, that were going no where, work... when I should have been working on my relationship with Him and that would have gone beyond anywhere I could have imagined! I feel like if I want that perfect person, who is going to be my perfect mate sent from God (because he would never send less than perfect), that maybe , just maybe, I need to work on my relationship with Him first. So there you have it, my first goal...I really need to work on my relationship with the Lord, get into my Bible more, get more involved at my church and let Him take it from there. He knows all the desires of my heart anyway, He will send that perfect person when He knows I am ready and I don't think I would want anyone until that time anyway.

Ok, so my second goal...and one I am really really excited about...I am going back to school! I hope. I have sent in my application for a grant to IAEYC and Indiana T.E.A.C.H. to finish my Child Development Associates degree with an emphasis in Early Literacy. Plus, if I get this grant for this program that they are offering, it would also include a business course which would help with record keeping, contracts, marketing and things like that. Hopefully I can do this all online as I have no time to go OUT to attend classes and no where to leave my kids. Eventually I think I would like to get licensed again and hire someone, perhaps my mom to come and work with me. I've also thought up ideas as how to turn the whole first floor of my home into a whole daycare area. It would be big enough and I'm thinking of finishing the garage too, so that would make another big area for a separate preschool room.

Well, anyway, these are my goals for now. I'm really hoping I can get the grant for these classes. Wish me luck!

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