January 27, 2006

What a fast week!

These are the weeks that I love...the ones that go real fast!! And this one did!!

I thought I would post real fast before my weekend begins, not that we're going to be super busy, but I have exactly 24 minutes to wait before my gas company calls me back. I like how they'll let you punch your number in and call you back instead of keeping you on hold for a long period of time. Anyway, my bill this month is over $300 and there is absolutely NO WAY that I can pay it. I am so poor right now. lol Plus, I just said good bye to 2 clients today, so the next few weeks are going to be rough. BUT...I have to give a shot out to *JC here, because I know He'll take care of us, He always does!! And yes, I do feel kind of like a lowlife asking for help, but hey, it's been a cold winter and they decided to raise the rates sky high, what do they expect. I've lived in the house almost 6 years and have paid my own heating bill for at least 8, and I've never had help, so I think I'm due...maybe? I still feel like I'm standing in line asking for government cheese, but oh well! I'll get over it... it's better than the alternative...which would be having to sell myself on the streets to pay the gas bill. Besides, I don't think this mom would make much on the streets...my goods aren't as "good" as they used to be. LOL
So...I'm waiting for my call back to see if I qualify for help. It's only a one time thing and I think it's for no more than $200 but at this point, anything will help.

So what is on the agenda for the Clay household this weekend...well, tonight we will just hang out, eat, watch tv, sleep, maybe play a game or two...nothing huge.
Tomorrow I have some shopping and cleaning to do and then....THEN....my dad is taking me and the boys to...............................................can you handle it.....do you really want to know............................are you sitting down.........The Monster Truck Show!!! I'm counting down the hours....not! lol I'm not thrilled with the whole thing, but I will go because my kids want me to. I actually thought maybe it would be a nice grandpa/grandson's night out thing...but nope, the boys have to take mom too!! Awww, and I wouldn't want it any other way!! We went in 2003 so I guess I can handle every 3 years. Anyone seen the forecast for Central Indiana? By any chance is a huge snowstorm suppose to be coming in tomorrow afternoon?? Any icy road conditions coming my way that I should be aware of?? Just kidding, of course I want to go...I mean, HELLO...would you give up a chance to see Grave Digger??? Heck NO!!! Ok, I will admit, last time was ok, maybe even kind of fun! I will go, I will enjoy myself...just the huge smile on Taylor's face that will be permanent for 3 hours will be worth it.

*JC -is Jesus Christ...if you didn't know! :o)

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TY said...

I've lived in the house almost 6 years and have paid my own heating bill for at least 8...

I Think You Meant "Paid My Own Heating Bill For At Least 8 Years"

Your Son...