January 1, 2006

Happy 2006!

Yippeee, we made it to 2006. Can you believe it's 2006?
Well, I started the year off right today...I woke up at 7:15 -because my back and legs were hurting so bad from riding in the car all day yesterday- and I decided since I was up early enough and in too much pain to lay back down, to just stay up and go to 1st service at our church. So, we did and it was wonderful! We walked in and they had arranged the seats in a circle type arrangement and it was very nice and quaint. Our pastor did not speak from up on the stage but rather down in the middle part in between all the chairs. I really liked it that way. It was so much more personal. He had a very good message and we're going to start a new program this year that is going to be great! He (our pastor) is really on fire about not making our church "numbers" grow, but the church *members* grow in their walk with Christ. It's exciting and I can't wait to get started! It's going to be a great year at our church and I wish everyone I know, who doesn't have a church, would come and try it. Yes, Jenny!! That means you!!! lol (I know you read my blog, so thought I would just give you a little shout out there!) :o) I just know you would love it if you tried it!! :o)

We made our journey to Michigan yesterday. The trip went well... weather was alright-some snow, but nothing making driving conditions bad-and as far as traffic, NONE!! We left at 8:30am and got home around 9:30pm. I can't go into all my thoughts (for fear that family will visit my blog)... but the day was ok. We met my aunt's new man-who she says she is going to marry...and had a interesting moment of anger with another aunt... but hey, what's a family get-together without excitement right?! All in all it was a nice day. The food was great, but because I'm such a horrible traveler, I couldn't eat much. Eating and riding make me sick! I got my "Aunt Betty Bling Bling" ring from my grandma!! (It's too hard to explain...let's just say 3 rows of diamonds, all the way around, stacked on top of each other) I bet it was blinding my pastor this morning. LOL Oh Ya, and it's fake!! But still beautiful!!!!!!! And super BLINGY!!! lol

My big New Year's Eve:
We were on I69 for most of it...One exit from ours has a Burger King so finally, since we were so close to home, I had my appeitite back and was hungry, so we stopped and went through the drive thru, got home, ate, checked my email, watched my dad (who couldn't go) open his gifts, watched some tv downstairs and finally crashed in bed at about 11:50 - just in time to watch the ball drop. After that I was pretty much out, until about 12:05 when Taylor got me up saying he was going to puke. So...we sat in the bathroom for awhile with his head hanging over the toilet, but nothing. I think he was just overly tired and since I was exhausted, I decided to let him get in my bed and keep the light on until he fell asleep. For some reason, he goes to sleep better if he thinks I'm still up. And it worked last night because he was asleep within minutes.
When I woke him up this morning for church he was saying his stomach still hurt. I told him I thought he could manage going to church and if he was feeling worse, we could leave. He seems fine now, but I still think I'm going to try and get him to take a nap this afternoon. If this doesn't stop with the next week, I'll probably take him to the doctor, he seems to be having a lot of stomach issues lately and he seems tired all the time. If he doesn't snap out of it by the end of this week, we're going to have to get it checked out.

And NO, sorry, I'm not posting any New Year's Resolutions! I've never been big on that...I think it's too much pressure to write out goals for the next 365 days...just making it day to day and week to week is a great success to me!! Besides, why set yourself up for failure. Yes, I would like to exercise more, eat better, find the man of my dreams and go back to school for the rest of my associates degree in child development... but I'm not going to pressure myself. I don't do well with pressure. So, I'm just going to put them out there as attainable goals/options.

My main goals/resolutions are current and ongoing year to year...they are:
-To put God first in our lives
-Be the best mom I can be

After that, I think everything else just falls into place.

~Happy New Year~