January 25, 2006

A New Look

So I got tired of my pink... it was time to change! And of course when you make that change, you lose your counter (which mine was at 403-for the record) and you have to start again at 1. So, if you're new here... I promise, people really DO read my blog. Trust me, I don't have time to keep hitting the refresh button!! Although with all my changes today I think I managed to put the first 15 hits on my counter! I should also add that I'm very html illiterate (but getting better) so I've only even had a counter for maybe a month or so....am I convincing anyone??

Today on the noon news, a "father" leaves his 1 yr old baby in his car alone, goes into a gas station to get himself a cup of coffee, probably pay, and I guess must have not only left the baby alone, but must have left the car unlocked, along with the keys....and I think you know where I'm going from here...Yep, the car was stolen, along with the baby in the back! You know, I have a hard time with compassion anyway, but things like this make it even HARDER!! I mean honestly, what are these idiots thinking?! WHY in the world would you leave your most prized possession on the face of the earth alone in an unlocked car, possibly one that was even running? He deserved it!! I'm glad it happened!!! And I can say that because they found the car not long after it was taken and the baby is A-OK!! I don't think I could say that if something horrible had happened. Of course they showed all the family members including the grandma all crying and hugging the baby...YA, well, they should have showed the father in cuffs and headed for jail! This is why you PAY AT THE PUMP people!! And go through Starbucks to get your coffee!! Or Mc Donald's Or Burger King or anywhere with a drive thru!

People annoy me! And the fact that this was considered NEWS WORTHY irritates me even more. Ya, I'm glad for your happy ending but what about the low level of parenting skills you have?? Let's talk about that, let's make that the new story, let's talk about the charges the police SHOULD bring up on you for being an unfit parent? Or perhaps some much need parenting classes that you should be court ordered to go to...ya, whatever... it will never happen. We have the perfect opportunity to make examples out of these situations, but we don't.

Well, there is one story where they did make an example .....A couple months ago, I think back in December, 2 young "women" go to a strip club and because trashy trampy mom (whose only agenda is to bump and grind and find her next baby's daddy) doesn't have a babysitter for her newborn, she decides to leave the car running with the baby inside. People pass by and notice, "HEY , there's a little baby in there" and call the police (Thank God!) and guess what...the two women got arrested....YIPPPEEEE!!! Yep, even the friend because she was aware of it! Good!! So, I guess that time two birds were killed with one stone, because you know they both would have came out trashed and then would have drove home drunk, possibly getting in a wreck, most likely forgetting the baby was even in the car and leaving it out in the cold all night, or taking the baby in the house but passing out til noon the next day leaving the starving baby to cry for food and attention.

Anyway, the baby should be taken away! One strike, you're out! I don't think people deserve second chances when it comes to their kids! At least not for things like this! They should be smart enough in the first place to realize that they are responsible for a human life! If you're going to have kids, take care of them. Period!!

OH...and I have to say this, how come there is more accountability for pet owners? Have you ever watched that show on Animal Planet (Animal Cops) where the ASPCA goes in -with guns- and takes animals away and arrests the owners for not taking caring of their pets? Great show! We should learn from it!