January 30, 2006

Rainy Days and Mondays Always Get Me Down

Ok, so it's not raining today, but it IS Monday, and in all honestly, I'm not really down...so I guess you could strike that title! (Sorry, I like the Carpenters, have a headache and couldn't think of a better title that had anything to do with Monday.)

Guess what...after driving down to Indy, paying $10 for parking, and walking all the way through the Convention Center to the RCA Dome, we found out that they had sold out of tickets at 4pm. So...we went out looking for the guys who have the signs that say "I need tickets" lol, and sure enough they had tickets...for $50 each. WHAT? for a monster truck show? I think not! I mean the kids tickets were only $5. Paaaaleeeze! It was sad for the boys though! Grandpa felt bad too, so he told them he'd give them $30 each and they could go shopping. Of course that pleased T1. T2 was pretty disappointed and as we were walking back to the parking garage he heard one of the trucks rev it's engine. He just stopped and said "Mom, do you hear that?!" I about cried. We promised them next year for sure and that we would get tickets early! We ended up at Wendy's and made a quick stop at Walmart. We also hit Blockbuster but they didn't have anything good in. So, we were home early and in bed early. A friend of mine's husband went and she said he didn't get home until 12-12:30. Oh well, there's always next year!


Anonymous said...

Can You Right Anything Better Than Your CRAP...HUH?

HappyMomTonja said...

Sure, when you can 'WRITE' the 'RIGHT' words!!
I think my wonderful son is "anonymous". LOL