January 21, 2006

Saturday Night

I'm just sitting here waiting for my mom to get home from work.

We went and had dinner with her tonight. We went to Wendy's so I blew my healthy eating again. I've decided that even though I DO want to start eating a more healthy/organic diet, I am going to ease into it and not just stop all the good stuff right away! lol Actually, I need to educate myself more on what it is I'm trying to do... I don't really need to have a title, like... I'm "Vegetarian" or I'm "Vegan" or anything like that...who cares! I just want to feed my kids and I more healthy meals. I would prefer that those meal be mainly organic food and little red meat, but I'm certainly not going to say I'll never eat red meat again. I think everything is ok in moderation! Besides, who can pass up a nice juicy steak and big baked potato every now and then? I don't want to be one of those crazy people who can't eat normal at a friend or relative's house. Talk about making everyone uncomfortable! I would be so upset if I invited someone over for dinner only to find out that they could not/would not eat anything I had fixed.

We went to the health food store today. I got 2 bars of soap and some organic shampoo and conditioner. Your skin is the biggest organ you have, so it's also important to be careful what you're putting on it every day. There are so many chemicals that are put in things like that, and whatever you're putting on your body is getting absorbed into your skin. I was looking at a new bottle of Bath and Body Works lotion I got for Christmas and I noticed that on the back it says
"This finished product is not tested on animals." Ok...well duh...I guess if it's finished, you wouldn't need to test it would you?! So, basically I take that statement as "Yes, we test on animals, just not after the product is finished and ready to send to the stores." NICE!!! I'm shocked we haven't seen something about this on 20/20!! I don't think I'll be shopping there much longer...not because I'm taking a strong stand against animal testing (although I don't like it, I still would rather something be tested on a mouse and find out early on that it may kill a human before it's put out on the market!!) no, I don't want to shop there just for the plain fact that they obviously think consumers are stupid enough not to be able to read between the lines! Please don't insult our intelligence!!!

Before we met my mom for dinner, I took the kids to EB Games to look around and as I was looking at dvds, I heard a woman on the phone, she was asking her son what PS2 games he wanted, then she was asking the clerks if they had what he was asking for...well, he was not just asking for one thing, he was asking for many things, some of the things asked for, they had to go to the back of the store to get...I was like "wow, what a nice mom!...what a rich mom!!" After she got off the phone, she thanked the clerks for helping her and that all the stuff she got was for her son, who was home sick....he has cancer. She said as long as God would keep him on the earth for her, she was going to make sure he had the best time he could have. How sad!! But still, I bet that woman spent at least $300, if not more!! So sad, and hearing things like that always makes you take a minute to thank God for all you have, especially healthy kids!

Oh...I watched a great movie today...we had rented it last night, but didn't have time to watch it, and because I had spent the money, and it was due back today by 6pm, I was bound and determined to sit down and watch it. (Did I mention I'm becoming frugal as well? lol) The movie was "Fever Pitch", and yes, I know, it's not new...but it was SO good!! I really liked it! Very cute movie! Makes you almost want to fall in love again....if there is such a thing!

I got a call today for child care, please pray that it will work out! I really need more kids, especially if my mom is going to start working with me! I got the message when I got home tonight, but it was too late for me to call her back so I will call tomorrow afternoon! I am losing 2 kids this Friday, so I really need to fill those spots! And, this woman has 2 kids!! Let's pray it's a great match!

Well, I am off to bed. We really need to get up and go to church tomorrow! We didn't go last week (I wasn't feeling real great) and I hate it when we miss! I love our church and really enjoy every service! It's so laid back and relaxed!


Melissa said...

If you are looking at living a healthier life, try reading Jane Goodall's book Harvest for Hope: A Guide to Mindful Eating. It has TOTALLY changed the way I look at food, where it comes from, and how it affects out health and the environment. COOL!

Happy Mom Tonja said...

Thank you! I will check her book out!!

open365dayz said...

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