January 28, 2006

Just some nonsense

This isn't even anything really newsworthy...I was just watching a newer episode of Mtv's "Meet the Barkers" and I'm sorry Shanna, but I really don't think you're the inventor of the SMORE!! Good try though. lol
But hey, she just named her newborn daughter "Alabama" and they're calling her "Bama" for short...so we just have to bare with the fact that someone doesn't have all her pre pregnancy brain cells back. They should make some celebrity moms wait until all their hormones and pregnancy brain cells are back to normal before naming their kids...I can only imagine what Gwenneth's going to name this baby-to-be!!
Hmmm, what exactly goes with "Apple"?? Orange? Fritter? Pie?

Off to do my weekly grocery shopping then headed to the Monster Truck Jam. Is anyone jealous? I know you are!!! Hmm...Where did I leave that Confederate flag tank top??