May 9, 2006

Cats vs Women

We always get the strays. Probably because they can see the "sucker" stamp I have on my forehead from a mile away. I'm sorry, but I can't just let a skinny little animal come up to our home and not offer it any dog food...(hey, we don't own cats, just dogs, so if you're hungry enough, you'll eat it.) Tonight however, our newest visitor (a cat) wouldn't eat the dog food but would eat tortilla chips instead. So, tortilla chips it was. By the way, I'm running out of "bowls" for these strays. We had a stray dog last week and I used the last of my mom's "cool whip" bowls. I hate those bowls. I mean, I love cool whip, but I don't like saving and reusing the bowls for left overs. There's just something so redneck about that. (IMO) So, the newest stray was eating chips and drinking fresh water and started towards my oldest son... he acted like he was half afraid of him so I said "T1, the cat likes you, pet him." to which T1 said "I'm kind of scared... I don't understand cats!" LOL - I cracked up! Ya, that's right son, and soon you'll be saying the same thing about women!!