May 23, 2006

Rev. Tonja's In The House

I've gotten away from "preaching" to you all... probably because I shouldn't "preach", as I have no stones to cast that won't come flying back and hitting me square in the face. I guess I should say that I have gotten away from sharing the most important part of myself, which is my faith.

I think it's fair to say that everyone can't "shout it from the mountain tops" every single day. But I think if we go for too long without sharing something about our faith, it just gets easier and easier to quit. I need to share the fact that I am a Christian on this blog so that I am accountable. If you're going to speak it, you have to live it! Right?!

I went to my father's church on Sunday. They have a total of maybe 20 members that attend on a regular basis. This is a great church though, and they've been through some very rough times. The main supporters (both finacially and spiritually) decided that they needed to break away and they left in April. (On good terms of course - they just needed some new scenery). Because it is such a small church, when they left, the District Superintendant had my father have a church meeting and basically put it all out there, in that, if you want this church to keep running you're ALL going to have to work. So far - So good! People have stepped up and filled positions that needed filled. They're giving more of their time and more of their money to see that their church/ God's church can continue. Of course this is still all brand new so we'll see what happens, but I have faith that they will stay strong and rise to the occasion.

As I was sitting in church Sunday morning listening to the sermon on "Faith", I wondered to myself how much faith I truly had. What if I was called to lead a Children's ministry at that church, would I accept? They have no children at the moment (unless we visit) and it would be so wonderful to get some families with children into that church. Kids make a church. I read somewhere in one of the devotions I was doing with my boys, that the guardian angels that God places around kids are so close to Him that they can actually SEE Him! wow It went on to talk about how important kids are to God's church. Every time I visit my dad's church, God always brings the whole "children's ministry" to my mind. Is He asking me to start this up? Talk about KID burnout!! I would still have to do daycare here where I live and drive 45 minutes each Sunday to do that, not to mention all the preparation time. I would be exhausted. I know, I know... the Lord would provide the strength!

I'm not worrying about it just yet. I'm praying and waiting for a sign. I don't think I've ever felt a "call" into ministry, but I sure would do my part to help out if they started getting kids on a regular basis.

Anyway, I was happy to see that everyone in that little church was excited with the ministries they were given now that more responsibility was on them to keep their church afloat. Just being there showed what "Faith" is all about. Because they have a LOT of it!