May 22, 2006

Hello New Week

I really didn't believe it when my alarm rang this morning... How could it be Monday already, but it is. I was running on slow and actually still had a towel on my head when I answered the door to get my first daycare kiddo. I'm so glad the mom dropped off and was running a little slow too.

We had a great weekend. Friday night we went and looked at a 5,000 sq ft house. It was really nice, but the inside really needed some updates. It was built in the 70's and was basically still in the 70's as far as the inside. The outside was beautiful, it's a stone house on a lake... great area and beautiful landscaping. But, it's not what we're looking for, so we'll keep looking.

After we got done with that, we met a friend at my house and got pizza and sat and talked for while. He went home and I crashed. I'm usually in bed no later than 10pm on Friday nights - cause I'm so tired from the week, but he didn't leave until almost midnight.

Saturday morning I was up by 8:30 and didn't want to lay in bed, so I got up, went down to the kitchen, grabbed the papers and started looking for garage sales. I found 8 in our area. So, I ate a little something, got the kids up and we headed out. I got a Longaberger throw for $5 (wow), a little country looking red shelf and a country angel the same color as the shelf. I also found a toy for the daycare. Taylor found some little thing to hook on the back of his truck to carry his John Deere tractors for 20 cents, so he was happy. We stopped and got drinks and came home.

After we got home, I called a friend of mine that I haven't talked to in a couple years and she's moving right down the road from me in June. I'm excited and can't wait to catch up with her more. She thinks I should join the YMCA with her and get up and work out with her every morning at about 5:30... LOLOLOLOLOL Hmm, well, I could try. We may have to change our time, but I think it would be good for me and my kids to get out and get more exercise.

Saturday night we went and had dinner with my mom and came home and got ready to leave Sunday morning.

We got up early Sunday morning and left at 7:45 to go to Muncie. We took the dogs and they were SO excited when we got their leashes out and asked them if they wanted to go bye bye.

We got to Muncie and went through Mc Donald's drive thru for breakfast. Got to my parents "weekend home" and ate, got ready and went to church. We got home and ran to the grocery store with my mom, then for lunch we got Applebees to go and took it back to their house. When we were at the store, I saw a vase holder with three little purple bottles all in row and really liked it. My room is purple and I thought it would look so cute in there, but I put it back because I didn't think I should spend the money. Well, my mom said she was going to check out and for me to take the kids to look at the magazines, so I did and she went and got the vase for me. Awww, she is the sweetest mom!! Now I have a reason to clean my room... lol! Maybe that's why she got it!? lol

After we ate, the boys and I went to the mall. I got our "Forth of July" shirts from Old Navy, (I don't really care for the design this year) and got the boys a couple shirts. I couldn't find anything for me (as usual). I went to Country Charm and got a small wreath to go in my entry way. I love that store! Then we went to a couple other stores and just walked around. Before we left, we made our usual stop at Auntie Anne's for a pretzel. YUM!! I could live on those pretzels!!

We got back to my parent's and my mom needed to run to a Christian Bookstore to get a baby dedication certificate, so we went with her to do that. They had a lot of stuff on sale so I bought 2 dvd's for the kids. They were only $5 each. wow!

Then we got ready and went to church. My friend Celeste and her husband Bruce, wanted my dad to dedicate their new baby, so they had the dedication and then had a little "party" afterwards. It was nice to get to see her and her family and OH, of course it was nice to get to hold her new baby. LOL I haven't had any babies in my daycare for 2 yrs so I really needed a baby fix! Andrew (the baby) is SO adorable! He has the clearest skin and is so tiny. And just for the record here, (in case you read my last post)... she is a nursing mother and yet somehow finds a nice discreet place to go, and does what needs to be done for her baby. She doesn't make a big issue out of it and doesn't expect anyone to do anything above and beyond for her. She doesn't expect there to be different "rules" for her, or for everyone else to bow down to her because of it. I'm proud of her, I think she's doing what's best for her baby. I'm not against breastfeeding, I'm against women making it such a big drama filled issue! (Hope that clears things up!)

After that was over, we went and got the dogs, packed up and went home. I talked to a friend on the phone for awhile and then did some cleaning and went to bed. I fell right to sleep and didn't hear a thing until my alarm rang this morning. And now it's a new week. I'm only working 4 days this week. I took Friday and Monday off so I'll have a nice 4 day weekend. Yippeee!

I have also decided that I am going to take 6 weeks off this summer and only work two days a week during that time. That way my mom can quit Walmart and I can spend some time doing some fun things with my kids. I am really looking forward to the break. Pool - here we come!!