May 24, 2006

Time Is Money

Ok, so I went ahead with my plan and now I'm second guessing myself. I am not going to be working the whole month of June and a few days here and there in July. I have the money so we'll be ok, but now I'm thinking of all the things I could have purchased if I would have kept working and not taken the time off. Hmm... oh well, time with your children is important right and you can't buy that back after they're grown?! But...

Time with my children is costing me: a trip to Vegas, new patio furniture, a new bedroom set, new tv for our living room, lots of clothes and shoes (I love clothes and shoes)... Oh well... money can't buy love and precious time with your kids, I know I'm making the right decision! I still plan on getting my kiddos their pool, so we'll probably be spending most of our time in that. Hey, if anything, I'll walk away with a sweeeeet tan out of the deal! I'm excited about spending time with my kids and getting a break from daycare... just thinking of all the things the money could go for kind of bums me out. I just hope when the boys look back, they'll remember how their mother worked it out to spend a whole month focusing on just them! Cause they deserve it!

Ok, I feel better now! I AM making the right decision! I am!