May 5, 2006

Happy Friday

It was a great day! I worked from 10am to 4pm. I love 6 hour days. I could really get use to those hours, but I'm not even going to tease myself like that, it will never happen.

Since I got done with work early, I decide to get to the bank and go out to Kohl's to get the kids and I new sandals and look around. We did that and then hit Walmart and got all of our weekly shopping done for next week. And let me tell you... that was a nice feeling as I was walking out the door at 6:30!

Whenever I go out and I'm around people, I realize that I can be mean. Most of the time, well, 95% of the time, I'm not outwardly mean to the people around me, but I get angry on the inside. It's hard to be nice to everyone ALL the time! That's not easy. And it's even harder when your PMSing! And it's even MUCH harder when you're in Kohl's at the customer service desk returning a pair of COOL Adidas sandals you JUST bought and realized after you got in the car, you got size 7 instead of 6. Grrrrrr...they were SO cute!! Oh well, I got another pair of the regular black Adidas sandals that everyone gets, only the white stripes and Adidas logo are PINK... so cute! Then I went to Payless and got another pair of sandals. They are cute also but I have nothing to wear with them.(Yet!)

Anyway, being nice at the service desk is hard when there's a mean old lady who stinks and has no idea what she's doing. After about 10 minutes I wanted to scream! At one point I took the shoe box and started hitting it against my forehead. (It's TRUE!! I did - you can ask my kids!!!) This old lady was a witch! And that's sad cause most old ladies are so sweet and nice. She was trying to buy stuff using her Kohl's credit card but then demanded to pay off her whole account with her Kohl's credit card. The lady at the register said "I'm sorry maam, you can't pay off your Kohl's card with your Kohl's card." This got the old woman in a total frenzy. And let me tell you, this lady was wearing that old lady perfume that just makes you instantly gag!! It's that ONE certain perfume that ALL old ladies wear and they must spray 1/2 the bottle on each time they go out. I should have asked her what she was wearing cause I really wish I knew the name of it, just so I could share (And so I could tell my children that when I get old to NEVER get me that for Christmas and if I ever were to purchase it on my own, to take it away, burn it, and never let me shop by myself again. Heck, lock me up in a old folks home... just NEVER let me make anyone else ever smell that smell again!) So the lady was freaking out and the cashier was apologizing saying she didn't quite understand what she wanted her to do. So, the old lady said to just use the Kohl's card and forget it. YAY, finally! Oh wait, no "YAY" yet... after all is said and done and the items are in a bag, the lady pulls out her 15% off coupon and says she wants to use it and hands it to the cashier. I had to turn around for fear of ripping her head off and sending her huge clip earrings flying through the store. At this point, the cashier calls someone back to customer service to take over. I don't blame her, if I was her, I probably would have shoved the price gun down her throat at this point. So the cashier says that someone will be back right away to help her. Finally, it's our turn. She just rolls her eyes and apologizes. I told her that was ok and it wasn't her fault. Then just to get her to smile, I said "Oh wait... yes it is!" She laughed. So, the other lady gets back there to help the old smelly lady and the old woman is sitting there LYING! She was blaming the cashier for everything saying that she had her 15% coupon out but the cashier wouldn't take it and that she just wanted to use her Kohl's card for her purchases but the cashier wasn't letting her. I couldn't believe it!! What an old witch! I would have said something to the new lady like I witnessed the whole thing and that the cashier didn't do any of that and that it was the nasty old woman who was giving the cashier a hard time, but the new lady who was helping her was just rolling her eyes so I figured she knew better.

So, that's my story of the day. Not real exciting... but it's the best I could do.
Right now I'm watching "School of Rock"... hilarious. Love that movie. Love Jack Black.