May 16, 2006


I hate having to think of a title for each blog post... I don't really have a "title" , I just like to start talking. Could you imagine what it would be like for us to have to have a title to start out live conversations. Like if you called someone and after they answered and said "hello", you'd have to answer with a title. Not too fun.

So anyway, I guess I could have titled this "catch up" or "ketchup" (just to confuse everyone), because all the post is going to be about is what I've done since I posted last.

Let's see... We didn't do much last Friday. I took my parents out to eat and then went shopping with one of my sons, the other one went home with grandpa and my poor mom had to go back to work. We stopped at Dots, a cute little store where you can actually get a whole outfit for about $30-$40. I actually broke down and bought something. I got some really cute capris, a cute little shirt to go with it and some more sandals... AND, I was feeling so good, I even got a necklace to go with it too. This was my Mother's Day present to myself and I had planned on wearing this outfit on Mother's Day, but then the weather gods of Indiana decided we needed more rain, and hey, while we're at it, let's drop the temps too! How fun!! We stopped and got a movie and went home.

Saturday we finished up our Mother's Day shopping. I had to get something for my grandma and aunts. We did some laundry and got ready for our trip to Michigan.

Sunday we got up early and left for Michigan at 8:30am. We went up to my aunt's to surprise my grandma for Mother's Day. We had fun. She seemed to be happy we all came up. Another aunt from West Virginia came up too, so all but one of her daughters were there. The drive isn't that bad, it's about 3 hours. It's a little harder when you go up for just the day. The drive back went fast though and I'm glad because my back was killing me the whole way home.

T2 is sick. He started getting bad when we were at my aunt's house. She had lilacs in vases all over the house and we think he was allergic to them since he has so much trouble with his allergies. Good thing I took the benedryl. We never leave home without it. Although now I'm not sure it was the lilacs because he's still sick. I think maybe he has a cold. He's complaining that his throat hurts too, so I'm hoping it's not strep. Last year this time, we all had a nasty stomach flu. I'll take a cold over the flu any day, unless it's just the 24 hour kind. I think I could deal with that better than have a cold for a week. I hate not being able to breathe. Anyway, he hasn't had a fever yet, so we'll just continue to watch it and keep him home, away from everyone else. Cause we're NICE LIKE THAT!!! I don't go out spreading germs around when I'm sick and I don't let my kids go out either. I seriously get so ticked at people in the stores that are standing right beside me coughing up a lung. So nice of them to want to share what they have with everyone else. Grrrr

Sunday night/early Monday morning, T2 was up around 2 am... I couldn't really get back to sleep after that, so yesterday was basically a big blur for me. I was SO tired. I really could have called off daycare but I just can't do that. I always feel bad for the daycare parents because they have to find other care at the last minute. But if I was sick enough, trust me, I would call off!

Today my mom has the day off so she is taking T1 shopping with her and then making dinner for everyone. I think we are having mexican tonight. Yum!

That's about all that's going on around here. Uneventful, but that's how we like it.