May 28, 2006

What Did I Eat Before Bed?

WOW - what a night. I haven't had nightmares in forever. Ok, so I remember having a frosty for dinner with all my junk Wendy's food, but seriously shouldn't that have been out of my system by the time I got to bed at 11:00? I won't bore you with details, but there was screaming, the old church my dad use to pastor, and a box of frozen fish sticks... WEIRD!! Very scary though. Luckily when it got to the scariest part, you know the part where you're stuck and you can't make your legs move but you really need to run away in fear of your life... ya, well, thank goodness I woke up right at that part. yikes!

Anyway, needless to say I did not have a good night. Got little sleep and now I'm wide awake at 7:45. Also, what's up with Nick at Nite? Everytime I would wake up in the night (which was about every 25 minutes) they had Fresh Prince on. EVERY TIME!! I HATE that show!! Where was my Roseanne? my Full House? my Cosby Show? Heck, I would have even settled for Mad About You at that point... but seriously Fresh Prince ALL NIGHT LONG? I mean it's bad enough they went and changed my bedtime routine... they use to have Roseanne on from 10-11pm each night, so I would watch that while drifting off to sleep, but now... they have FP on. UGH!! Did I mention I HATE that show?

So I just went and checked the Nick at Nite schedule... OH MY GOSH... FP was on from 9 pm to 5:30 am. AND it looks like tonight is going to be an exact repeat. That's it... I'm writing them!!

NOW I know the cause of my nightmare!! It was either FP or the marathon of Laguna Beach I watched all day... hmmm, whatever the case, I don't think we should place blame on the yummy frosty! And I doubt the fact that I was trying to convince my boys (by example) that their french fries really would taste better if they dipped them into their frosty, had anything to do with it either! I'm going stick with Fresh Prince!

Have a great Sunday everyone!!