May 31, 2006

Chipped Tooth, Cable Guy and the Dogs

My worst fear is coming to light... I'm going to be visiting the dentist very soon. I haven't been in years. My name is Tonja and I am a dentalphobic. But, my right front tooth chipped at the top, so sooner or later I know it's going to land me in the dentist's chair. Oh what a fun day of panic attacks that will be! I can't wait! I'm giddy just thinking about it. I've already told my mom she'll be taking that day off work. I need her and both of my kids there with me. I know I'm a freak. Whatever!

So this morning, we decide to run some errands. I only had one daycare girl here so we left and did some shopping then stopped and got lunch. We had bought a new tv for the kitchen (cause a girl can't miss her Young and the Restless) and since it was trash day and they hadn't come yet, I figured I might as well get rid of the box real quick. So I get up from lunch and walk down to put it by our other trash and notice my neighbor lady is having her cable fixed. As I'm walking back up to the house she motions for me to come over. She is probably in her late 50's early 60's and the sweetest thing! So, I go over by her fence and she says to me "Hey, check him out... what do you think?" LOL Oh my gosh, I about cracked up. Please tell me she was not trying to set me up with her cable guy. Yep, that's what she was doing. So we're talking and he's in his truck getting some stuff out and as he's walking back over to her house to DO HIS JOB, she motions him to come over, looks at me and says "Here, talk to him... ask him about cable." I wanted to run!! So he comes over and she says "This is my neighbor, she has cable but not through a dish, what can you tell her about it." I am about dying at this point. I wanted to melt into the ground. So they are conversing back and forth about regular cable vs. cable with a dish and blah blah blah. I'm just standing there looking stupid because honestly I was starving and I got one of those HUGE hamburgers from Hardees (yes, I'm a pig)... So they are talking away and I'm standing there looking silly and she says to the guy "So, do you have a dish?" He says "Yes." She says "So do your kids watch tv?" He looked at her kind of weird and was like "Yes, yes they watch tv." And she goes "OH, ok then, go on..." and waves for him to go back to work on her house. She then looks at me and says "Oh, I guess he's married. Do you think he's married?" At this point I was relieved and said "Yes, I think he's married, I just think because he installs dishes and does work with his hands, he probably doesn't wear his wedding ring." She agreed and I went home. In the mean time, my youngest son asked her if he could play with her dog, and she said sure (cause she's nice like that) and so he stayed there. After awhile, I walked back over to see what he was doing and tell him it's probably time to come home. As I'm walking over, I get to her garage and she comes running out at me holding up a small piece of paper in her hand. She was all excited and said something to the effect of "LOOK LOOK I got his number for you.. he thought you were hot and wants you to call him!!" Oh my goodness! I started cracking up. Then she tells me he's inside and to come in and talk to him. I was like "NO, I can't, I just ate this huge hamburger... I probably have stuff on my face and food in my teeth (or at least in the big chipped hole in the front one)!" She won't take no for an answer so in I go, holding his number in my hand. He's sitting in her chair and as I'm walking in, she's in front of me... well, I get to her living room and she stops and goes "OK, Here she is!!" as she's moving both her arms over in my direction... you know like Barker's Beauties do on The Price Is Right when they're showing prizes. I felt like a dining room table. I'm just glad my neighbor wasn't laying on top of me in a bikini and heels... Anyway, so his face turns red, I'm sure mine turned red and come to think of it my neighbors may have been red too, but I'm sure that could be blamed on a hot flash... so there I am, there he is, there we are. I thanked him for his number and he smiled. He then told me he lived in Richmond. AND HERE COMES THE GOOD PART... I open my chipped tooth mouth and say... "OH, I know where that is, we pass through there on our way to Michigan." Ya good one self!! My neighbor (God bless her soul) asks where Richmond is. He says... "It's East of Greenfield almost to the Ohio border." YA... that's it, right near Michigan and the Ohio border! DUH! I'm so blond! So then I'm like "Ok, well I guess we don't pass it going to Michigan."
I know what happened there though... we pass an RV store that has a big sign and advertises their Richmond store. So anyway... that's the cable guy story. I now have his number on my fridge and made one very bored housewife a happy lady. lol I saw her later this afternoon and she asked me if I called him yet. LOL I told her I hadn't yet but I would make sure to tell her when I did. What a sweetheart!
Oh, and yes, he does have kids, but he's divorced. At least that's what he told my neighbor. So, we'll see... I guess I should call. What do I have to lose.

I took Chloe to get groomed at a new place yesterday. LOVED IT! They sent home a picture of her by their sign for her "first time at Waggin Tails". So cute!! So today Andy went. He's my mean Yorkie and he hates people. Well, it's a man and woman who we knew from the last church we went to and they started their own grooming business last February. Anyway, I guess Andy loved the guy but not so much his wife and two daughters. They called at one point to let me know he was doing great and ask how I wanted his ears done and I could hear Andy in the background start to bark. All I heard after that was a lot of laughing. The guy said that his wife had just tried to pet him again and Andy showed his teeth and barked. I'm glad they thought it was funny. lol But I guess he loved the guy and let him do anything he needed to do and was one of their best pets yet at holding still, so that's good to hear. I wondered how he would do since he's had the same groomer for the last 5 years, ever since he was a puppy. He's an odd dog, but to those he loves (because he either loves you or hates you) he's just the sweetest little thing! Today was also the last day for the May 2 for 1 price for their shots. I called and they said they were really busy and I'd have to wait in a long line, but I could take them up and get them done. So, after I picked Andy up, I went by and saw a ton of cars...I decided maybe it wouldn't be so good to have them both go through getting groomed at a new place AND get shots in the same week. Now we'll have to pay full price. Oh well. You win some you lose some.

Besides, I got the cable guy's digits today and found a great groomer... I would be unworthy of anything more this week!