December 18, 2006

Ho Ho Ho Hum

Not much to say... just keeping up with my blog.

I had a pretty easy day. Only 3 kids. Tomorrow however we will have a full load. Only 4 more days and I'm on va ca tion! Yippee! I've made it very clear to my mom that we are not letting ANY sick kids in this week!! I will not spend my vacation sick! No way! I have too many fun things planned.

Last night I went to a Christmas party. They had a white elephant gift exchange. Of course, I went out and bought things instead of just finding old junk around my house. I figured if I didn't want it, why would I expect someone else to take it. Well, I should have just picked one of my own gifts since I bought something nice that I would like if I were to pick the gift... but no, I went and picked another one. Guess what it was... 2 pieces of charcoal... like from a grill. Ok, I'm sorry but that's going a little overboard on the "gag" gifts. The people who brought it said I got it because I was such a bad girl all year... okay? I was a tad irritated, but I laughed it off and just threw it away along with the wrapping paper right after I opened it. Other than that, the food was good and I had a real good time talking with a super cool lady!!

However, the 35 mile drive home in the pouring rain with only my passenger-side wiper working was not such a good time, but we made it. My dad has the day off tomorrow so he's gonna fix it for me.

Well, I don't have that much else to say. Life is busy and yet pretty boring right now. Just waiting for Christmas... waiting is the best part. The day after is such a let down. It just doesn't seem like it's almost Christmas... maybe it's all the warm weather. The season has just flown by! Make sure to enjoy it while it lasts!