December 20, 2006

It's Getting Close

And I'm still not ready. It seems like Christmas has already happened. I was really in the spirit and all excited but it seems that in the last few days I've lost it. I'm still excited but not like I was. It seems like it's already happened and now it's over. It's so weird. Hopefully once Friday is over and my vacation has started I'll get back in the spirit again.

I had my interview tonight. It went ok. No yay or nay from the parents though. The only thing the mom said was that they'd call the week after New Years and let me know and bring the enrollment fee over then. So, we'll see. I'm not holding my breath cause I didn't get a very clear vibe on what they were thinking. I asked, like I always do, if they needed to give their provider notice and she said she didn't think she had to and there were no rules about it. I kind of got the hint from the phone conversation with mom last week that the current provider doesn't have many rules. I made sure to let them know at the interview that I have quite a few rules (I call them "policies" lol) and that I feel it's better for everyone and lets both parties know where they stand. But that's just me... I'm a "rules" kind of gal. When there are rules, things are much more cut and dry and easier to follow.

Other than that, not much is going on here. I may not have to work Friday. That would be nice. If I do, I'll only have one child so that won't be bad.

I'm going to go relax in my nice clean house... having interviews always make my house a little cleaner. Imagine that! lol