December 5, 2006

yada yada yada

I'm only updating to be polite.
When I go through my usual daily reads, I feel this odd sense of excitment everytime a blogger has a new post. So, because I want all my readers to feel that same tingley way, here's my post for the day.

Where to start...

My dog is/was suppose to get groomed tomorrow, but I read on another blog, (the sister of the groomer's) that my groomer had an appendectomy early this morning. So, I guess Mr. Andy will stay hairy for another few days, or maybe weeks. I kind of was expecting a phone call though, telling me not to come. Maybe I'll get one later? I'm glad I was reading that blog. I would have hated to get all ready, get my dog ready and go out into the freezing cold for nothing. Geesh how dare her do this when my dog needs a haircut. JUST KIDDING!! Seriously, I hope she's ok and I hope she can make a speedy recovery so she'll be all better by Christmas!

I started a new daycare girl, YES, that's right... it's a GIRL... in this daycare of all boys, a girl has joined us. Though only temporarily. She'll probably only be here until the end of the year - which is just a couple more weeks. Oh well, it's extra money I wouldn't have had. She's really good. Her mom and aunt said she was a wild child.... naaaa, she's not! She's really cute and very well behaved actually. I looked at her today and thought maybe I could actually have a daughter someday.

I had 3 extra kids yesterday and then was very busy today with all my kids plus the new little girl and they all decided at 2:00 it was time to get up from nap. Let me tell you that made for a very long afternoon. Glad I got my Y&R watching in!! *wink* (that was just for my special friend... you know who you are!!) Anyway, tomorrow I'll only have 3 and that will be a nice break!

Ok, that's all I got for now... Plus I promised my youngest I would watch "Santa Clause Is Coming To Town" so I better go. Have a great night!