December 1, 2006

Yippe Skippy

...It's Friday, YAY!

As I type, my little baby puppy Chloe is wrapped up in a fuzzy warm Elmo blanket laying on the couch asleep. She had a rough morning. Yep, the poor thing had to go to the groomers. Poor thing, HA! I am the poor thing who had to pay out 45 bucks! It's my fault though for letting her go so long. So, she's cold (cause she's bare) and tired (cause that's a lot of work for a little pup). I'm sure she'll be spending the next few night sleeping with me, so we can make sure she stays warm. I think tonight we're going to go get her a sweater and new collar anyway so hopefully she won't freeze too much when she goes outside. Next Wednesday is Andy's turn with the groomer. I hope he can keep a little more hair.

Speaking of freezing... yikes, we are having 40-50 mile an hour winds and our temps are in the 30's. BUT, we don't have snow so I'm not complaining. And we have electricity! I'm very thankful for that!! One of my daycare moms came in this morning and said they had been without theirs since 5 am. I sure hope it's back on by the time they get home.

OH! I was sitting here on the computer last night, just reading through my email, nothing big, and I got an idea for a business my mom and I could start. I don't want to really get into everything yet since it's still very much in the planning stages, but I'm real excited about it. We've agreed to continue doing daycare and try to get this off the ground too, then my mom may just continue the daycare and I may end up doing this other business alone. We'll see. The only think I can say is that I've done some research, looked through all our phone books in the area and there are not many of these businesses around. I think I have a name (or two): "PA Associates" or maybe "PA Management". If you can guess what kind of business it may be by that, let me know.

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