December 7, 2006


Today was our last homeschooling co-op for the day. It was sad but nice at the same time. I am Indiana History-ed out! I know enough about our state now and I'm ready to move on. And moving on I am... in February we go back and I have taken the position of "Geography teacher". I'm actually more excited about that cause I know a little more about it. Plus, we're going over all that here at home right now and for my youngest, it will just be review and he can go to class with a sense of security that he knows exactly what we'll be talking about. It was always nice when I was in school to have studied ahead and actually know what the teacher was talking about the next day. It's called being prepared. OH, but do not let me fool you, those prepared days were very much few and far between. I would do things so much differently if I could go back to school. Of course I'd be considered a total nerd now, but nerds are great! I want to marry one!

Speaking of nerds... my dad is a dork. He went out and got my mom a new laptop for Christmas today. Just a few minutes ago my kids were all excited about something going on upstairs, so I went up to check things out and what do I find... My mom sitting on her bed with her new laptop. I looked at my dad and just shook my head. Then I said "18 MORE DAYS DAD!!! You only had to wait 18 MORE DAYS!!" We are horrible about waiting around here. I have already given my kids a couple of their gifts, and almost gave my mom one of hers yesterday when I got it in the mail. I bought her a bunch of stuff from the Paula Dean webstore (cause she really likes her). I got her a tee shirt, a pen and the special Christmas issue magazine. I almost gave her the magazine yesterday. Well, I thought she probably could use the recipes now, before Christmas. Oh well I guess I can wait. It's so hard though. I just want to start showing my kids what I got them NOW! I'm so excited!

Taylor (my youngest) is starting basketball practice this Saturday! I'm so excited! I really wanted him to play baseball this past summer (cause he's played for the last 4 years), but he didn't want to... so I was SO hoping that another sport would spark his interest and thanks to his little best friend Isaac, it did. I guess their games don't start until January, but they have to go to "try outs" this Saturday. It will be fun going to games again. I guess in this league they don't even keep score during games and it's all about the kids having fun. Sounds great to me!!

My best friend just gave her daycare provider her 2 week notice today. PTL!! I'm so happy she's getting her daugher out of this woman's care! It's not that she's abusing the kids (at least not by "legal" standards), but as a provider myself, I feel she has no business doing daycare! I may write more about her in another post but for now I'm just so angry that I don't want to get into it.

On a happier note... it's almost Friday!! Yippeeee! I'm ready for a break! Plus I really need to get crackin on getting the rest of my Christmas shopping done! It will be here before you know it! I can't believe this year is almost over!