December 3, 2006


~ I did NOT want to get up to go to church today, but I did, and I even went twice.

~ I did not get breakfast this morning because when I went through the drive thru at McDonald's and asked if they had muffins, they told me they did, so I ordered one, but what I got was a PLAIN ENGLISH MUFFIN. And it cost 75 cents. I was referring to something more like a blueberry muffin, or apple cinnamon muffin... I did not say ENGLISH muffin! That's not a MUFFIN... it's bread! With little crevices in it for the butter to melt into. Oh, but I wouldn't know about that because mine came plain, without butter. Just a dry, hard, un-tasteful english muffin. Now you may scream "YUCK"! You may even puke a little in your mouth if you'd like.

~ I did not eat that nasty "muffin", so I had nothing to eat until 1:00 pm.

~ I had Applebees. The riblet basket. And I have been sick ever since.

~ My kids and I went to the mall this afternoon. Old Navy has some very good deals right now. Go there.

~After you're done at Old Navy, stop into Bath & Body Works and grab some 'Wickedly Hot Chocolate' body lotion. Go home and enjoy!!

~ I got my mom 2 more Christmas gifts today.

~The Colts lost, in a very close game. And there is nothing like watching a close game with strangers in the middle of the mall. Try it some time.

~ I have my own secret (well, not now) name for when I go into Starbucks and order (you know for when they make you give them your name and then call it out)... it's 'Cocoa' or 'Coco' (depending on how they spell it on my cup). Feel free to start calling me that if you'd like.

~ I did not have to use that name today because I went through the drive thru.

~ Can we say "YUM YUM YUMMY"!?! Have you tried the new Carmel Apple Cider? Holy Goodness! It's like biting into the bestest yummiest carmel apple you've ever had. Again, YUM! Go get one. Now!

~ We went to McDonald's on our way home. A different one. Miles away from the other one. I wanted to ask them if they knew what a muffin was but I think I should just drop it. Don't you? It was irritating at the time, but it's time to get over it. Wouldn't you agree?