May 17, 2007

100 Things About Me

(Because I've never done this before.)

1. My name is spelled with a "J", not a "Y".

2. My birthday is on St. Patrick's Day.

3. I've never had green beer.

4. I am adopted.

5. I was adopted when I was 3 days old.

6. I'm very lucky for that.

7. I got great parents.

8. I'm an only child.

9. I wish I had siblings.

10. I want a big family.

11. I only have 2 kids so far.

12. I've never been married.

13. I've been forgiven.

14. I'm looking for the man God wants for me.

15. I want to have a baby.

16. I'm afraid to have a baby.

17. The older I get, the more I worry.

18. I have an anxiety disorder.

19. I was on zoloft for 18 months.

20. I gained 30 pounds.

21. I am no longer taking zoloft.

22. I went on zoloft for a guy.

23. I am no longer with this guy.

24. This guy was a cheater!

25. I cheated on him with his best friend.

26. I feel ok about that.

27. I still talk to his friend.

28. I don't talk to him.

29. My children's father is a loser.

30. He is over $14,000 behind in child support.

31. He sent me "threatening" letters in March 2007.

32. I did nothing.

33. I'm not scared of him.

34. I hope he gives his life to God.

35. I pray for him sometimes.

36. I pray every day.

37. I pray for everyone in my life.

38. I pray for people I don't know.

39. It's hard for me to forgive.

40. I don't give many second chances.

41. I should.

42. My toenails always have to be painted.

43. My finger nails do too.

44. I am a girly girl.

45. I don't like to shop.

46. I like clothes.

47. I had a c-section with my first son.

48. VBAC with my second.

49. I had lots of 3rd degree tears.

50. Maybe I'll adopt my next child.

51. I like to be tan.

52. I get bored tanning.

53. I have two dogs.

54. They are just like my kids.

55. I love my kids.

56. I am always with my kids.

57. We homeschool.

58. I love it.

59. I have past due charges at my library.

60. I always do.

61. I love books.

62. I get bored reading.

63. I may have ADD.

64. I'm a hypcondriac.

65. I love Mustangs.

66. I only went out with my children's father because he had one.

67. I am a Young and the Restless junkie.

68. I watch it every day.

69. I hate talk shows.

70. I love The Golden Girls.

71. I'd like to live with them.

72. I am a child care provider.

73. I love it most of the time.

74. I refuse to get a mini van.

75. I've started looking at them.

76. 34 is not old.

77. 94 is.

78. I like going for bike rides.

79. It makes me feel free.

80. I have very long hair.

81. But not because of my religion.

82. I don't like organized religion.

83. But I tolerate it.

84. I'm a preacher's daughter.

85. I did not like our last church.

86. I still don't.

87. I can't stand fake people.

88. I want to win the lottery.

89. I would still work.

90. My parents would not.

91. I don't travel well.

92. I get homesick.

93. I like to be home.

94. I like to sleep in my own bed.

95. I love God.

96. I always will.

97. I am happy most of the time.

98. I'm thankful for that.

99. I'm lucky.

100. I'm blessed.

1 Comment:

Kendra said...

I have a VBAC blog: I have google alert me whenever anyone mentions a VBAC on the internet. it alerted me of your blog. I will be having a VBAC this summer. Great list, by the way. It put a smile on my face :)