May 5, 2007

Cat Draft Fever

Yay for the draft folder... I have had many posts in the last couple weeks that I've written and made myself put in my draft folder until I could think straight. Yesterday was one of those days. I'm trying really hard to let things just roll off my back. So that's what I did. I'm still irritated, but I guess in the long run, it's really not anything to complain about. We're very blessed and need to focus and be thankful for all the things we have.

Anyway... on to better news... well, not sure about better, but hopefully it will make things better in the end... T2 goes on Thursday for allergy testing. You know, the whole back/needles/itching thing. I'm sure it will not be fun. What I'm not looking forward to is that in the paperwork that the office sent, they said to plan on being there 2.5 to 3 hours. That is a long time to sit in a doctor's office! I know it's not going to be fun for T2. All that itching is probably going to drive him nuts. I hope it's not too bad. My wonderful aunt Gail is coming up. She just had allergy testing done herself not too long ago and T2 wants her to be here to go with him. What a great aunt!!

I guess we have a new family member. The cat is still hanging around. I broke down and got some cat food and kitty treats. She has to belong to someone around here, but for some reason she likes our house. She's real sweet and a pretty little thing. She was out there bright and early this morning. We also had ducks today when we got up. They like our pond. I don't care for them hanging around because they make a mess. We now have to clean up duck poop that they left on the sidewalk. Nice! Here's the cat. We named her Timber Cat.


Tyler said...

She named the cat after her love for Justin Timberlake.

Happy Mom Tonja said...

No... it's because of the name of our subdivision!!