May 10, 2007

3.5 Hours

That's how long Taylor's appointment was at the allergist today. 3.5 hours!!!! I thought we were never going to get out of there. We got there at 1:12 and got out at 5:05. It was a long day! And I'm tired. I'll let you know ALL the details tomorrow.

For a brief overview:

The kid totally has full fledged asthma, probably doesn't really have pneumonia, and we found out that the bottom left lobe of his lung was totally collapsed on Tuesday when he had his x-ray. So nice of them to tell US that!! He had to have a breathing treatment while there today. His first one EVER! (And he's 10!) The allergist couldn't believe it was the first he'd ever had. He had major improvement after the treatment though.

Let me say this... the kid is not normal. Cute as a button on your grandma's sweater vest, but not normal. He's NOT allergic to dust mites! The allergist even had them test him TWICE for it. He couldn't believe it. Everyone in the free world is allergic to dust mites... but not him. He's just allergic to EVERYTHING else!!

I take all the credit for that. If that child was living in a well dusted, perfectly clean house, he would not have been able to build up a strong immunity to it! See, it's not good to clean!! Now to figure out how to incorporate ragweed into my household.

And to think, I just went out and bought him a dust mite pillow protector the other day. What was I thinking?

I'm exhausted... later.