May 2, 2007

AI Sadness

Poor Phil. I liked him and he rocked last night! (Besides, us PKs have to stick together!) Sorry, but the 3 girls that are left, are not that great. I'm trying to be nice, but I just can't see any of them as AI "winner" material. I'm not sure how those girls are left each week. Other than the fact that my cousin votes for two of them about 100 times each. Right, Jer? Just kidding. I guess the final 4 could be worse. (Not mentioning names.)

I think the main point here is that I'm 34 years old... is this really something I need to be concerned with? Would you rather talk about how my IRA and Mutual Funds are doing? Me neither... I'm tired, it's late.

And because I've had too much Paula Deen:

Night Y'all!