May 19, 2007

We're Going To Disney World - Part 2

Things I can cross off the list:
-The house/villa. (Got it!)
-The airplane tickets. (Got them!)
-The "fanny pack". It's a Coach knock off, but it's so cute!

In the next week I need to:
-Get rental car(s).
-Get tickets to parks.

Then all that's left will be to save up spending money.

Some other *tips* I've found:
*During the parade at Magic Kingdom (cause they have one each day), if you're not interested in the parade, head to Fantasy Land. It will be the least crowded area.

*Start at the back of the park and work your way forward. Everyone walks in and works themselves from the front to the back. If you go to the back first, you won't be in all the crowds. (How smart!)

*Eat lunch around 11:30am. (Less crowded.)

*Make resturant reservations early (you can do it 6 months in advance). Especially if there's a certain place you want to eat. The number is: 1(407)WDW-DINE

*In October (when we're going), the mosquitos are bad. Take repellant!

That's all for now my little mouseketeers.