May 7, 2007

Monday - Update

I called both the allergist and Taylor's pediatrician. The allergist's office said that if it got too bad, to give him what he needed and to make sure to tell them because he couldn't have the actual allergy testing done, but that we still HAVE to come in on Thursday for a consult.

The nurse from Taylor's pediatrician's office said that his doctor wants to see him tomorrow to check his lungs and that there's a chance he may just have to go back on the meds. Since he had such inflammed lungs last month when he went, they don't want to chance it because inflammation can lead to scarring. We don't want that!

So, tomorrow morning we're head to the peds office at 8:15. If they put him back on his meds, I'm going to ask THEM to cancel his appointment on Thursday with the allergist. They got the appointment (referral), so I would think they could cancel it. I'm not sure why they told us we couldn't? If they're unable to do the testing, we're not going. That would be a waste of time.

Aunt Gail: I'll let you know as soon as we get done at the doctor's tomorrow morning. That way, if you don't want to come on Wednesday you don't have to. We still want you to, but if don't want to make the trip (high gas prices, leaving family over Mother's Day, etc.), it's totally understandable.

Mr. R came over this evening and we went and looked inside the house. It's HUGE!!! And it's also a mess! Oh my gosh, it would take so much work. A part of me thinks it would be fun, but another part gets tired just looking at it. I couldn't believe all the rooms and how big they were. It sure would be a beautiful house after some work. Lots of work. I will say this though, they'll never get what they're asking. We also found out the house was foreclosed. Mr. R said he may place a bid, but it will be much lower than what they're asking. Nothing has happened with the house in 3 years, so I'm thinking maybe the bank would take anything at this point. He'll talk more with his realtor tomorrow. I'm not sure how I feel about it. Or him.