May 30, 2007

On The Home Front

Not much has been going on. It was a nice 3 day weekend. We didn't do anything big... Saturday we hung out and did a little shopping. We got a new grill. Sunday we went to my parents church and out to eat. Monday I took the kids to see Shrek 3. The place was crowded, BUT, I have to say that although we usually get right by all the screaming kids, the kids that were around us were very good the whole time. That was such a nice change! We grilled out Monday night and then I cleaned the house for Tuesday.

I thought Tuesday would be really hard with all the daycare kids coming off a 3 day weekend with crazy schedules, but they were all really good. I had to work the day alone because my parents went to a funeral. After work we took the boys up to the BEST icee place ever. They are only opened through the summer and they have over 100 flavors. Yum!

Today has been pretty easy. I only have 2 kiddos. It's hot out and we have some sort of warning for kids and elderly to stay in. It's not the normal "knozone" warning but something that has to do with a layer of dirt in the air? Needless to say, I'm keeping T2 in today. He and T1 are upstairs playing UNO Attack. HERE is more about our warning. Of course my mom, who just suffered a long recovery from asthmatic bronchitis, was outside mowing the backyard this morning. (Stubborn lady!) She's fine though, so that's good. These warnings seem so odd to me. They make me even more concerned about our environment.

Hope you're having a great week!

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Kendra said...

I live in the Midwest and sometimes we have pollen warnings, but I have never heard of dirt layer warnings. Weird!

Did you like Shrek 3? My daughter is a little too young yet, but I have heard that it isn't as good as the first two anyway.