May 1, 2007

Hot Hot Hot

Oh my gosh is it hot! I should probably break down and turn the A/C on, but they keep saying the temps are going to go back down. It's suppose to rain tonight, I sure hope that will cool things off.

Not much is happening here. Tonight I plan on eating and relaxing and will probably watch AI. All in front of my fan. But I'm not complaining. We've waited a long time for this weather and I'm glad it's here.

I had the unfortunate experience of watching Montel Williams today. I usually sit down to eat my lunch and watch "The Young and the Restless" and then the tv usually goes off. For some reason I clicked it back on around 2:30 and the show was all about the ever so touchy "Mommy Wars". It covered all the normal issues: stay-at-home vs. working, breastfeeding vs. formula, spanking vs. non spanking, organic vs. fast food... but the one that got me was this new "Play Date" where moms get together and take their kids to bars (or rather Bar and Grills - cause that totally changes things!) and have a drink. Why was this started and WHO the heck started it? Wow, how cute, a bunch of moms sitting together drinking with their small children. I'm not going to go into all the debate, but I'll leave you with the point that I am very much against it and I would be happy to argue it with anyone. They said it was a "play date" and one woman said they didn't see any of the kids "playing", they were just sitting there on laps or in highchairs watching their moms drink. Then the woman who was defending it said "Well, it's a playdate for the moms." OK well then WHY are the kids there? Get a sitter!!! ugh I did get a little irritated with the "working/career mom" who said "Stay at home moms are just lazy!" She doesn't know just how off base she is! Why can't we all just get along?

Of course on every commercial break they had to have one advertising "Dr. Phil(which was on after "Montel"). It was all about a 30 yr old woman being engaged to a 19 yr old boy. Who watches this stuff?? I can't imagine sitting and watching these shows all day where all they do is argue. Who wants to do that? Who has time to do that?

Well, I'm off to find T2 (he's outside somewhere playing with a stray cat - but not touching it- allergies!) and get some dinner. Later.