May 14, 2007

We're Going To Disney World - Part 1

We have a set date in October and we are going!! This has been such a long time coming. We've had this "planned" for years, but FINALLY it's going to be a reality. I'm so excited! And the boys, they're ok with it too.

So far our group consists of: my parents, me, my kids, my aunt, uncle and cousin, and hopefully another cousin too.

We are now in the ever so exciting stage called... Planning. It's fun let me tell ya. Guess who's in charge (or who has taken over) of most of it. Me. And let me tell you that it's a little scary. I want to make sure everything is perfect. I want everyone to be happy. Cause it IS "the happiest place on earth", right?!

So, I've started out looking at all the websites on Magic Kingdom, Epcot, MGM, Universal Studios, Busch Gardens, etc., and I've also checked out a little helpful something HERE, that I had read awhile ago, and kept in the back of my mind just in case.(She's got some great tips, you should read it if you have kids and Disney is anywhere in your future.) I've also checked out websites on where to stay, rent cars and the best/easiest/cheapest/fastest way to get there.

So far I have these things figured out (but not reserved or paid for yet):
*When we're leaving, when we're coming back.
*Where we're going and on what days.
*Where we're staying. (awesome 4 bd room/4 bth room villa)
*The airline we're taking. (YEP, I said airline.)
*How much valium I'll need. (see * above)
*Rental cars. (a "premium" SUV will be needed)
*Some of the things we need to take.
*Some of the things that need to stay home.
*Fanny Packs! We're all wearing them and I don't care how uncool my teenager thinks it is! I'm not carrying anyone's stuff!!
*Kennel for the dogs. (I feel bad about this one and wish I could take them. I think doggies would want to go to "the happiest place on earth" too. Don't you?)

Oh, and because our family just loves each other so much and are so proud of ourselves, we're getting tee shirts made for everyone to wear when we go to "Magic Kingdom". (Names included!!) The other days, I'll probably be wearing my AC/DC tube top and dirty Nikes with ankle socks, but we want to look "together" for Mickey and his gang!

More to come...