May 30, 2007

On The Home Front

Not much has been going on. It was a nice 3 day weekend. We didn't do anything big... Saturday we hung out and did a little shopping. We got a new grill. Sunday we went to my parents church and out to eat. Monday I took the kids to see Shrek 3. The place was crowded, BUT, I have to say that although we usually get right by all the screaming kids, the kids that were around us were very good the whole time. That was such a nice change! We grilled out Monday night and then I cleaned the house for Tuesday.

I thought Tuesday would be really hard with all the daycare kids coming off a 3 day weekend with crazy schedules, but they were all really good. I had to work the day alone because my parents went to a funeral. After work we took the boys up to the BEST icee place ever. They are only opened through the summer and they have over 100 flavors. Yum!

Today has been pretty easy. I only have 2 kiddos. It's hot out and we have some sort of warning for kids and elderly to stay in. It's not the normal "knozone" warning but something that has to do with a layer of dirt in the air? Needless to say, I'm keeping T2 in today. He and T1 are upstairs playing UNO Attack. HERE is more about our warning. Of course my mom, who just suffered a long recovery from asthmatic bronchitis, was outside mowing the backyard this morning. (Stubborn lady!) She's fine though, so that's good. These warnings seem so odd to me. They make me even more concerned about our environment.

Hope you're having a great week!

May 27, 2007

Pretty? In Pink

My son (the photographer) and I were messing around today. This is what happens when you're bored...

May 24, 2007

This Is For You Jeremy

They may not be his famous "oils", but they're just as good!

May 22, 2007

Welcome To The Jungle

May 20, 2007

Sunday Pics In B&W

This is what happens when I leave. They stay there whining until I return.

We had smores last night. Our new fire pit.

May 19, 2007

We're Going To Disney World - Part 2

Things I can cross off the list:
-The house/villa. (Got it!)
-The airplane tickets. (Got them!)
-The "fanny pack". It's a Coach knock off, but it's so cute!

In the next week I need to:
-Get rental car(s).
-Get tickets to parks.

Then all that's left will be to save up spending money.

Some other *tips* I've found:
*During the parade at Magic Kingdom (cause they have one each day), if you're not interested in the parade, head to Fantasy Land. It will be the least crowded area.

*Start at the back of the park and work your way forward. Everyone walks in and works themselves from the front to the back. If you go to the back first, you won't be in all the crowds. (How smart!)

*Eat lunch around 11:30am. (Less crowded.)

*Make resturant reservations early (you can do it 6 months in advance). Especially if there's a certain place you want to eat. The number is: 1(407)WDW-DINE

*In October (when we're going), the mosquitos are bad. Take repellant!

That's all for now my little mouseketeers.

May 17, 2007

100 Things About Me

(Because I've never done this before.)

1. My name is spelled with a "J", not a "Y".

2. My birthday is on St. Patrick's Day.

3. I've never had green beer.

4. I am adopted.

5. I was adopted when I was 3 days old.

6. I'm very lucky for that.

7. I got great parents.

8. I'm an only child.

9. I wish I had siblings.

10. I want a big family.

11. I only have 2 kids so far.

12. I've never been married.

13. I've been forgiven.

14. I'm looking for the man God wants for me.

15. I want to have a baby.

16. I'm afraid to have a baby.

17. The older I get, the more I worry.

18. I have an anxiety disorder.

19. I was on zoloft for 18 months.

20. I gained 30 pounds.

21. I am no longer taking zoloft.

22. I went on zoloft for a guy.

23. I am no longer with this guy.

24. This guy was a cheater!

25. I cheated on him with his best friend.

26. I feel ok about that.

27. I still talk to his friend.

28. I don't talk to him.

29. My children's father is a loser.

30. He is over $14,000 behind in child support.

31. He sent me "threatening" letters in March 2007.

32. I did nothing.

33. I'm not scared of him.

34. I hope he gives his life to God.

35. I pray for him sometimes.

36. I pray every day.

37. I pray for everyone in my life.

38. I pray for people I don't know.

39. It's hard for me to forgive.

40. I don't give many second chances.

41. I should.

42. My toenails always have to be painted.

43. My finger nails do too.

44. I am a girly girl.

45. I don't like to shop.

46. I like clothes.

47. I had a c-section with my first son.

48. VBAC with my second.

49. I had lots of 3rd degree tears.

50. Maybe I'll adopt my next child.

51. I like to be tan.

52. I get bored tanning.

53. I have two dogs.

54. They are just like my kids.

55. I love my kids.

56. I am always with my kids.

57. We homeschool.

58. I love it.

59. I have past due charges at my library.

60. I always do.

61. I love books.

62. I get bored reading.

63. I may have ADD.

64. I'm a hypcondriac.

65. I love Mustangs.

66. I only went out with my children's father because he had one.

67. I am a Young and the Restless junkie.

68. I watch it every day.

69. I hate talk shows.

70. I love The Golden Girls.

71. I'd like to live with them.

72. I am a child care provider.

73. I love it most of the time.

74. I refuse to get a mini van.

75. I've started looking at them.

76. 34 is not old.

77. 94 is.

78. I like going for bike rides.

79. It makes me feel free.

80. I have very long hair.

81. But not because of my religion.

82. I don't like organized religion.

83. But I tolerate it.

84. I'm a preacher's daughter.

85. I did not like our last church.

86. I still don't.

87. I can't stand fake people.

88. I want to win the lottery.

89. I would still work.

90. My parents would not.

91. I don't travel well.

92. I get homesick.

93. I like to be home.

94. I like to sleep in my own bed.

95. I love God.

96. I always will.

97. I am happy most of the time.

98. I'm thankful for that.

99. I'm lucky.

100. I'm blessed.

May 15, 2007

Daycare, Drama, and Doughnuts

Daycare... I hate doing daycare when there's only one child here. I'm not upset with the child, I'm just saying. I only have one here right now and she's been here since 7:30. I won't get any more until around 10:00. Do you know how long that makes your morning? Don't get me wrong, it's nice and quiet, but it's also very boring. I must be from "the more the merrier" group? All I know is I'm desperately trying to keep my eyes open. I'm only working until 3:30 today, so it won't be that bad.

Oh, and have I mentioned that the flu is running rampant in my area? One of the schools around here had over 200 students gone on Friday because of it and there have been some daycare centers that have closed because of it. You'd think by now all these bugs would be gone, but I remember a couple years ago the wonderful present my mom and I both got for Mother's Day. Nothing says I love you like your mom puking in your car. And nothing says I love you like having to beg your son's baseball coach to please take your son's picture first for the team photo because you need to go home and throw up. Oh what a wonderful weekend that was. But, we made it through and we survived and I'm sure we'll make it through this too. I've had 2 kiddos so far who have gotten this. Yesterday I got a call from a daycare mom letting me know her son puked all the way home. Nice. So, basically if we're gonna get it, we're gonna get. Too late now! The little girl I have here right now was around a ton of kids this weekend who got it. Oh well, I'm not gonna worry about it. I have no big plans this week, and I got a new season of Will and Grace for Mother's Day, so BRING IT ON!

Drama... do you have drama queens in your circle of friends or family? I can handle drama to a certain extent... heck, I've had some myself in years past, but what I can't handle is having to hear the same thing OVER and OVER and OVER again. I'm so over the "self inflicted drama". I avoid it like the plague. Who wants it? Who needs it? I live a rather boring life, I know this, but hey, it's drama free and I'm happy! I had to listen to yet another drama filled phone conversation last night and I'm not sure how much more I can handle.

Doughnuts... I bought a big pack of 48 powdered covered doughnuts. I have 44 of them. They're small. I ate 4 last night. I want to have some now, but I'm not sure what that would be like if they were to come back up. Should I take a chance? I think I shall.

Have a wonderful Tuesday, people!

May 14, 2007

We're Going To Disney World - Part 1

We have a set date in October and we are going!! This has been such a long time coming. We've had this "planned" for years, but FINALLY it's going to be a reality. I'm so excited! And the boys, they're ok with it too.

So far our group consists of: my parents, me, my kids, my aunt, uncle and cousin, and hopefully another cousin too.

We are now in the ever so exciting stage called... Planning. It's fun let me tell ya. Guess who's in charge (or who has taken over) of most of it. Me. And let me tell you that it's a little scary. I want to make sure everything is perfect. I want everyone to be happy. Cause it IS "the happiest place on earth", right?!

So, I've started out looking at all the websites on Magic Kingdom, Epcot, MGM, Universal Studios, Busch Gardens, etc., and I've also checked out a little helpful something HERE, that I had read awhile ago, and kept in the back of my mind just in case.(She's got some great tips, you should read it if you have kids and Disney is anywhere in your future.) I've also checked out websites on where to stay, rent cars and the best/easiest/cheapest/fastest way to get there.

So far I have these things figured out (but not reserved or paid for yet):
*When we're leaving, when we're coming back.
*Where we're going and on what days.
*Where we're staying. (awesome 4 bd room/4 bth room villa)
*The airline we're taking. (YEP, I said airline.)
*How much valium I'll need. (see * above)
*Rental cars. (a "premium" SUV will be needed)
*Some of the things we need to take.
*Some of the things that need to stay home.
*Fanny Packs! We're all wearing them and I don't care how uncool my teenager thinks it is! I'm not carrying anyone's stuff!!
*Kennel for the dogs. (I feel bad about this one and wish I could take them. I think doggies would want to go to "the happiest place on earth" too. Don't you?)

Oh, and because our family just loves each other so much and are so proud of ourselves, we're getting tee shirts made for everyone to wear when we go to "Magic Kingdom". (Names included!!) The other days, I'll probably be wearing my AC/DC tube top and dirty Nikes with ankle socks, but we want to look "together" for Mickey and his gang!

More to come...

May 12, 2007

Been Busy

Life just keeps happening around here. This week has been such a busy one, but it's been good. I'm not going to get into all the details of Taylor's allergies because: 1. There's TOO much and 2. I still have a lot to learn about them myself. You may think that allergies are just allergies, but when you throw asthma and possible lung damage in there, it's so much more than just popping a Claritin every morning! He's doing great though. He's sleeping through the night and able to go outside without having to use his inhaler. The one thing I need to be thinking about is if I want him to continue on all the meds that they prescribed, or if I want to take him for allergy shots. I think the shots are the way to go, because they make up them up out of the specific things he's allergic to. However, it's a time commitment. It's a pretty far drive and to start out he'd be going twice a week. They could probably get him right in if we got there at the right time, but then you have to sit in the office for 30 minutes. Thank goodness I have my mom right here to help. Nothing has been decided though. Did you know allergy shots have been around since 1911? Longer than any antihistamine! The amazing thing is, our insurance would rather pay for the shots then the drugs. Plus, the shots will give him an immunity to allergies and the meds just mask it. The shots can make it so he never has to take medication and eventually may not even have allergies. The doctor gave me a very interesting article to read about allergies and how they come about. Basically it's your body overreacting to whatever you've taken in. They attach to your cells and then your body reacts to it as something being there that shouldn't and basically that's when it all begins. I know I won't be able to explain it right so I'll stop there, but it was a very interesting article and helped to explain it better to me.

My mom and aunt went up to Michigan for the day. We were planning on going, but my poor doggie is sick or hurt or something. We're not sure what is wrong with him and have you tried to get into a vet on a Friday or Saturday? It's impossible. We took him to a little "urgent care for animals" type place last night and when we walked in we were told there was a 2 hour wait. There was hardly anyone there, but I guess there were some badly hurt animals in surgery and in the back. My aunt went with us and when the receptionist said that, we both looked at the clock at it was already 9:00... meaning my dog wouldn't be seen until at least 11:00 and then we probably wouldn't be back home until 12:30/1:00 am. I didn't want to make my aunt stay out that late since she had to get up at 6am. So we left and kept an eye on him. He came home and went right to bed. I was going to take him to his vet this morning, or at least try to, but he seems to be doing a little better. I think he pulled something in his back. If it's not better by Monday, I'll take him in. I was a little leery to take him last night anyway because they always seem to need to do things they probably don't really need to do, and dollar signs start coming out of nowhere. I love my dog, I would have paid almost any amount if he was truly on his death bed and my mom even offered to let me take her credit card last night (just in case), but if he can get over it on his own, that's what he's gonna have to do. He never seemed to be in any major pain, it was more like discomfort. Make sense? Do you know how many times I've had discomfort but didn't go running to the doctor. Our bodies are made to heal themselves in many cases and I think that's what we should let happen.

The boys are both out working in the flower beds out front. We have reddish color lava rocks in them right now, which matches our shutters and front door, but we're going to take them and do something around the back patio and then put mulch in the front. The area where our fountain/pond is now, I'd like to make into a deck or some sort of porch. I bought a small black iron patio set today and it would look really cute out there. It's more of a bistro set with only 2 chairs, but it's really cute. The boys and I put it out back for now and we had lunch out there today. Next year we are getting a pool!! I don't care what happens, I want a pool. Hopefully we can get the back yard and patio in order so it will finally look decent out there. It's ok right now, it just needs some tlc. I like sitting out front better anyway. More people around. Plus the afternoon sun is at the back of the house so the front is pretty cool on hot days. I'd still like to somehow keep the fountain/pond. We've had fish in there for 4 or 5 years... they always go to the bottom in the winter and come back up in the spring. Plus listening to the water is so relaxing after a hard day.

Tomorrow we will go to my dad's church in Muncie, then we're going to Outback Steakhouse for lunch (yum!), then we'll come home and do the whole gift thing, then hopefully be able to work outside some. We're FINALLY getting our storm door on Monday. I can't wait. It will be so much nicer. The daycare parents can just walk in and we'll get more light in the front of the house. Plus the dogs will be able to look outside when they're downstairs, so that will be nice for them too.

Well, I better get off here and see how the boys are doing. I hope you all have a very blessed Mother's Day!

May 10, 2007

3.5 Hours

That's how long Taylor's appointment was at the allergist today. 3.5 hours!!!! I thought we were never going to get out of there. We got there at 1:12 and got out at 5:05. It was a long day! And I'm tired. I'll let you know ALL the details tomorrow.

For a brief overview:

The kid totally has full fledged asthma, probably doesn't really have pneumonia, and we found out that the bottom left lobe of his lung was totally collapsed on Tuesday when he had his x-ray. So nice of them to tell US that!! He had to have a breathing treatment while there today. His first one EVER! (And he's 10!) The allergist couldn't believe it was the first he'd ever had. He had major improvement after the treatment though.

Let me say this... the kid is not normal. Cute as a button on your grandma's sweater vest, but not normal. He's NOT allergic to dust mites! The allergist even had them test him TWICE for it. He couldn't believe it. Everyone in the free world is allergic to dust mites... but not him. He's just allergic to EVERYTHING else!!

I take all the credit for that. If that child was living in a well dusted, perfectly clean house, he would not have been able to build up a strong immunity to it! See, it's not good to clean!! Now to figure out how to incorporate ragweed into my household.

And to think, I just went out and bought him a dust mite pillow protector the other day. What was I thinking?

I'm exhausted... later.

May 8, 2007


I just found out....
Nickleback is coming!! YAY!!
I am SO there.
Gwen, what are you doing July 20??
I'll buy the tickets!

Who Knew

So we went to the doctor bright and early this morning... She's examining T2, listening to him breathe and announces that "his left lung is down". I have no medical terminology training, so I have no idea what that means exactly, but what it got us was a trip to the lab to get chest x-rays.

Get this... My child has pneumonia!

This boy has been running around with no symptoms, no temp, nothing! Just the wheezing and cough. (which is his normal asthma/allergy stuff) I can't believe it. I'm shocked. And I wonder if this would have been caught if he was still on the Claritin? It's odd. Just odd.

Having pneumonia has lead to other issues... like no allergy testing on Thursday (but still having to go to the appointment - ugh!), an antibiotic issue that will most likely have us going back to the doctor tomorrow. Wow, three doctor's appointments in three days. I don't think we've ever done that before. We are not the running-to-the-doctor-for-everything kind of people. As a matter of fact, I told the receptionist that I liked the new office (cause they moved) and she looked at me funny and said, "We've been here for a year." Well, I'm sorry we're not sickly people. Should I have you stick the boys with some live viruses??

Anyway, I'm off work tomorrow. All this came at a crazy time, on one of the days I do not have help with the daycare. I'm sure some parents are ticked, but I truly can't help this.

In other news... AI was interesting, not the best one this year, but at least Jordan redeemed herself.

May 7, 2007

Monday - Update

I called both the allergist and Taylor's pediatrician. The allergist's office said that if it got too bad, to give him what he needed and to make sure to tell them because he couldn't have the actual allergy testing done, but that we still HAVE to come in on Thursday for a consult.

The nurse from Taylor's pediatrician's office said that his doctor wants to see him tomorrow to check his lungs and that there's a chance he may just have to go back on the meds. Since he had such inflammed lungs last month when he went, they don't want to chance it because inflammation can lead to scarring. We don't want that!

So, tomorrow morning we're head to the peds office at 8:15. If they put him back on his meds, I'm going to ask THEM to cancel his appointment on Thursday with the allergist. They got the appointment (referral), so I would think they could cancel it. I'm not sure why they told us we couldn't? If they're unable to do the testing, we're not going. That would be a waste of time.

Aunt Gail: I'll let you know as soon as we get done at the doctor's tomorrow morning. That way, if you don't want to come on Wednesday you don't have to. We still want you to, but if don't want to make the trip (high gas prices, leaving family over Mother's Day, etc.), it's totally understandable.

Mr. R came over this evening and we went and looked inside the house. It's HUGE!!! And it's also a mess! Oh my gosh, it would take so much work. A part of me thinks it would be fun, but another part gets tired just looking at it. I couldn't believe all the rooms and how big they were. It sure would be a beautiful house after some work. Lots of work. I will say this though, they'll never get what they're asking. We also found out the house was foreclosed. Mr. R said he may place a bid, but it will be much lower than what they're asking. Nothing has happened with the house in 3 years, so I'm thinking maybe the bank would take anything at this point. He'll talk more with his realtor tomorrow. I'm not sure how I feel about it. Or him.

It's Baaack

All the wheezing. All the inhaler uses. All the allergies. It's all back. I had to call T2's allergist this morning and I'm still waiting on a call back. I'm not sure what to do. The poor kid has used his inhaler more than allowed and he still can't breathe. And starting today he can't even have Benedryl. This is horrible. This allergy testing better be worth it. When I called earlier, I asked if it was true that the appointment on Thursday would be three hours and they said that it would. I don't understand that. Everyone else I've talked to, when they went, it only took about an hour and a half. Again, I hope this is worth it. I'm tempted to call the health food store that we go to a lot and ask the lady who owns it about muscle testing. I talked to her briefly about it before and thought that we may do that but never got around to it. I just don't want my son on medication for the rest of his life. Although I will say that once he was done with the Prednisone and on Claritin, he was feeling great and hardly using his inhaler at all. I hate not knowing what to do! I guess I'll see what they have to say when they call back, and we'll go from there.

It's a nice 72 degrees here today. I only have 3 daycare kids today, so that's been easy. The ones I have play good together and that's always a nice way to start out the week.

Tonight after work we're going to look at the big white "plantation" house. Mr. R's realtor gave him the code and faxed him something that said we could go in. I'm leery to take T2 because there's a lot of mold in the basement. Maybe we just won't go down there. We found out that the guy who built the house back in the early 1900's was a riverboat captain. The paperwork says he built the inside to look like a riverboat casino. I can't wait to see it. I'm not getting my hopes up. There's quite a few bids and it seems like they've given the current bidder an extended amount of time to get financing. Some banks won't finance the house because of the mold, but can be easily fixed so I'm not sure what the problem is.

We didn't do much over the weekend. I did lots of laundry and cleaning, did some shopping at Kohl's, played a lot of catch with T2 in the backyard, helped my mom get some things ready to move, and just hung out and tried to relax. We bought the kids "Happily Never After", it was cute. Tomorrow I want to get "Because I Said So".

Guess I'll go for now. Have a great Monday!

May 5, 2007

Cat Draft Fever

Yay for the draft folder... I have had many posts in the last couple weeks that I've written and made myself put in my draft folder until I could think straight. Yesterday was one of those days. I'm trying really hard to let things just roll off my back. So that's what I did. I'm still irritated, but I guess in the long run, it's really not anything to complain about. We're very blessed and need to focus and be thankful for all the things we have.

Anyway... on to better news... well, not sure about better, but hopefully it will make things better in the end... T2 goes on Thursday for allergy testing. You know, the whole back/needles/itching thing. I'm sure it will not be fun. What I'm not looking forward to is that in the paperwork that the office sent, they said to plan on being there 2.5 to 3 hours. That is a long time to sit in a doctor's office! I know it's not going to be fun for T2. All that itching is probably going to drive him nuts. I hope it's not too bad. My wonderful aunt Gail is coming up. She just had allergy testing done herself not too long ago and T2 wants her to be here to go with him. What a great aunt!!

I guess we have a new family member. The cat is still hanging around. I broke down and got some cat food and kitty treats. She has to belong to someone around here, but for some reason she likes our house. She's real sweet and a pretty little thing. She was out there bright and early this morning. We also had ducks today when we got up. They like our pond. I don't care for them hanging around because they make a mess. We now have to clean up duck poop that they left on the sidewalk. Nice! Here's the cat. We named her Timber Cat.

May 2, 2007

AI Sadness

Poor Phil. I liked him and he rocked last night! (Besides, us PKs have to stick together!) Sorry, but the 3 girls that are left, are not that great. I'm trying to be nice, but I just can't see any of them as AI "winner" material. I'm not sure how those girls are left each week. Other than the fact that my cousin votes for two of them about 100 times each. Right, Jer? Just kidding. I guess the final 4 could be worse. (Not mentioning names.)

I think the main point here is that I'm 34 years old... is this really something I need to be concerned with? Would you rather talk about how my IRA and Mutual Funds are doing? Me neither... I'm tired, it's late.

And because I've had too much Paula Deen:

Night Y'all!

May 1, 2007

Hot Hot Hot

Oh my gosh is it hot! I should probably break down and turn the A/C on, but they keep saying the temps are going to go back down. It's suppose to rain tonight, I sure hope that will cool things off.

Not much is happening here. Tonight I plan on eating and relaxing and will probably watch AI. All in front of my fan. But I'm not complaining. We've waited a long time for this weather and I'm glad it's here.

I had the unfortunate experience of watching Montel Williams today. I usually sit down to eat my lunch and watch "The Young and the Restless" and then the tv usually goes off. For some reason I clicked it back on around 2:30 and the show was all about the ever so touchy "Mommy Wars". It covered all the normal issues: stay-at-home vs. working, breastfeeding vs. formula, spanking vs. non spanking, organic vs. fast food... but the one that got me was this new "Play Date" where moms get together and take their kids to bars (or rather Bar and Grills - cause that totally changes things!) and have a drink. Why was this started and WHO the heck started it? Wow, how cute, a bunch of moms sitting together drinking with their small children. I'm not going to go into all the debate, but I'll leave you with the point that I am very much against it and I would be happy to argue it with anyone. They said it was a "play date" and one woman said they didn't see any of the kids "playing", they were just sitting there on laps or in highchairs watching their moms drink. Then the woman who was defending it said "Well, it's a playdate for the moms." OK well then WHY are the kids there? Get a sitter!!! ugh I did get a little irritated with the "working/career mom" who said "Stay at home moms are just lazy!" She doesn't know just how off base she is! Why can't we all just get along?

Of course on every commercial break they had to have one advertising "Dr. Phil(which was on after "Montel"). It was all about a 30 yr old woman being engaged to a 19 yr old boy. Who watches this stuff?? I can't imagine sitting and watching these shows all day where all they do is argue. Who wants to do that? Who has time to do that?

Well, I'm off to find T2 (he's outside somewhere playing with a stray cat - but not touching it- allergies!) and get some dinner. Later.