December 30, 2005

Another Drive Thru Story

It's been so long since I've had an "incident" out in public that I almost forgot what it feels like.
But no worries...I quickly remembered tonight...

I made a quick trip out to Walmart to get a couple more things before we head to Michigan for my mom's side of the family Christmas tomorrow, ran through Starbucks to get my aunt's boyfriend and cousin's husband some gift cards to go along with the gifts I got them for our family gift exchange, asked the kids where they wanted to go to pick up food, and they decided on Taco Bell. OK, so we pull in, there's another black trailblazer in front of us. She's taking kind of long with her order, but no big deal, so we pull up order and start to pull up and I hear the cashier say "sorry, your card isn't going through, it's been rejected". I didn't pay much attention and just pulled up behind the trailblazer. The woman sat there forever and was having a very loud conversation with the cashier, I wasn't paying attention because I was talking with my mom and kids. Finally she leaves, but without getting any food. We pull up, she's still sitting there but pulled up far enough for me to get to the window. I figured she was waiting for her food order. So, we get done, she's still in front of us, but moves and turns left to pull up in front of Taco Bell , we continue going straight out and I stop real quick to put my debit card and receipt away and check the food. My kids look over and the woman is flipping me off. They tell me she's flipping me off and so I look and sure enough she is. I roll down my window and she starts calling me a B*&^% and asking why I stopped and told me to move it and asked if I had a problem. Now you have to understand that she had turned left and stopped in front of Taco Bell and I was continuing to go straight to pull out and get back on the road to go home. SO...why she thought she needed to tell me to move was beyond me since I wasn't anywhere close to her. So after her yelling at me to move it and yelling B*&^% again, I yelled back and told her that if it was ok with her, I was checking my food order. She yelled something else back but I was laughing by then and just pulled away. OH MY GOSH....WHAT is wrong with people?
I absolutely cannot stand when people start yelling at me- ESPECIALLY OTHER WOMEN!
And ESPECIALLY when they're calling me a B*&^%!!!!!
We figure her card got declined and she couldn't get her food, so she was already ticked off and needed someone else to yell at. LOL Oh my goodness, it made me so mad!
I wasn't calm like I should have been and I know I should have just drove away, but I get so upset that people who don't even know me feel like they have a right to start yelling and cussing at me when I'm minding my own business.
Of course Taylor was in the back seat saying that when he gets married, he's going to have a QUIET wife. LOL Ya, not after a few years with her mother-in-law! hee hee
Well, I guess my kind, gentle spirit went out the window today... I'll pray for forgiveness and pray for her and better luck tomorrow!!

Speaking of tomorrow and luck... all my aunts will be together-which could be scary...the tension has been building with two of them for years, so please pray that this year isn't the year that everything blows up! There's always one good fight between them when we get together but it usually gets diffused quickly. In the past, we have had Christmas at our house, so there's kind of a common ground without one having the home court advantage, but this year we are having it at one of their houses, so we will be on her turf. In any case, I'm taking the video camera!

Gotta love family!!