June 1, 2006

Last Night's Dateline NBC

We've seen this many times before. Dateline will do these pieces on the issues of online pedophiles and how to protect your children.

They have it all set up where these 40 yr old men are coming to the house of a 14 year old girl thinking they're getting sex and as soon as they are in the house, Dateline comes walking out, they interview the guy and then as he's leaving the house the police literally JUMP on him and knock him to the ground. Seriously, one guy was standing there frozen, with his hands in the air and the police still thought it was necessary to jump on him and bring him to the ground. Ok, that's just a tad bit of "showing off" to me on the police's part! Although I understand their desire to throw these guys to the ground!

Anyway, I watch these shows and I'm sickened. Not by these men who are wanting sex from little girls (although I don't have warm fuzzies for them either), but rather by the parents who are so ignorant and so irresponsible that they are letting these things happen.

There are sexual offenders everywhere. Period. Get used to it. They're not being forced to go live together in some lock down area far away from us like we'd all like, so let's deal with it.

We just had a huge thing about this in our small town. People were all up in arms because a sexual offender was moving into our little town. Umm, let me bring you up to date people, we've had sexual offenders living here FOREVER... I have one that lives right down the street from me and I know of at least 2 more in our town. Well, what happened here is some daycare provider was all up in arms because this guy was moving in across the street from her. Ok, I understand her anger, we all feel it, but in the end, the guy moved out and so now I feel she, along with our community, has a false sense of security. However, THEY are everywhere and the others are still here.

Here's the thing... I'm not scared of them. They can't get to my kids or my daycare kids unless I let them. ME! I have to let these sickos in reach of my kids and that's not going to happen. Why? It's very simple... I take full responsibilty for my children and my daycare children.

I'm so tired of these issues being constantly thrown at us like these things are not preventable when in all reality they ARE. And very easily. It's called once again... PARENT RESPONSIBILITY!! Say it with me....

Parents, pay some attention to what your kids are doing online - check their emails, keep your computer in your living room where you can walk up at any moment and see who they're talking to in a chat room and let them know that! Maybe rethink leaving your 14 yr old daughter home alone over the weekend. I mean seriously, who does that?

My issue is WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE? You have to be your child's protector. Sure, we can't protect them from everything and things are going to happen. But things like this are so preventable just by paying a little attention to what your child is doing.

Yes, these sick freaks are to blame, but when are we going to place some of the responsiblity on these absent parents?

THEY ARE YOUR CHILDREN... no one should be more responsible for them than YOU! Not teachers, not child care providers, not your church, not your neighbors, not even your police department. Quit blaming everyone else and step up to the plate!