November 27, 2006

I'm So Sick of Snot!

Nice title, I know... but seriously I am SO sick of wiping noses. I'm so sick of having to tell parents, "You know, this "cold" has lasted a month now, you may want to take them to their doctor". All my daycare kids but 1 came back with runny noses. And here I had thought maybe that over the 4 day weekend they would get all better and come back all well and happy. LOL - I should never fool myself into such thinking! This has only been going on since September.... we're going on 2 months now. One of them I know is teething and that's different, but when they're constantly coughing and congested they arent' just teething. Oh well, at least I'm not the one having to get up with them in the middle of the night.

So this weekend was a busy one... we got our tree and outside decorations up, along with all the decorations inside the house. Went to Muncie yesterday and didn't get home until 8:00 last night. Didn't do much when we were there this time. I do know I will never use their Walgreens to get pictures developed again! I ended up have to make 3 trips there yesterday because they messed up my pics. And I have NO idea what kind of picture cd they gave us, we've used them before but this one make you download a bunch of stuff just to upload your pics. I think I'll take the cd to our Walgreens and see if they can fix it. We've never had to download anything to get them before.

Last night instead of having church we decorated and had snacks. It was fun. Yesterday morning in church we actually sang HYMNS! It was nice to sing songs that I grew up with. The new worship songs, choruses, etc. are nice and a good change at times, but there's nothing like the old hymns. 'The Old Rugged Cross' was one we sang yesterday and I have to say I got alittle teary while singing it. Those old hymns have so much history and meaning behind them, it's hard not to get a little emotional sometimes.

Our dogs need groomed SO bad. I have to call the groomers this week. They aren't going to be too happy with me, I've let them go for too long and they are quite matted. Poor things. Of course they got to "go to Grandma's" with us yesterday. It's funny when you ask them if they "want to go to Grandma's?", they just go crazy. They jump around and whine and make noise until you pick them up and get them in the car, then they're fine. They're such good traveling dogs.

Well, I'm off to get some lunch and watch Y&R before another baby decides it's time to get up. I've already had one wake up and he hasn't slept for more than 20 minutes yet. I just left him in his bed making noise and I'm pretty sure he went back to sleep. Anyway, have a great Monday my blogging friends!


Teri said...

Sorry to be judgemental, but you are suppose to care for children, that is your job. Wiping noses comes along with it. It's terrible that poor child interrupted your soap opera!!

Happy Mom Tonja said...

Well goodness Teri, you didn't have to get "snotty"! (pun intended)

I'm assuming you don't know many child care providers or haven't had your own children in child care so I'll explain why I said the things I said...

A child with a runny nose that is ALWAYS running is a problem. Especially with kids under two, who get their hands in their snot, then touch toys, other kids then grab those toys, put the toys in their mouths and get the other child's germs, and get their sickness. It's also not fair for these kids to be sick ALL the time because of this. We're going on 2 months here. It's impossible to stop the spread of these germs until the noses stop running. I'm not angry with anyone, just frustrated that I can't get everyone well. There are otc drugs that can be given to dry up runny noses, but getting parents to bring those drugs can be hard at times. They don't want me to medicate them, but they want to be able to bring them so they can work. What is fair about that? And what's fair about someone else's child getting sick because of it? Would it be fair for your child to get sick because someone else couldn't keep their sick child home or bring meds needed in order for your child not to catch it?

Also, when I mentioned the baby that had woken up early... As all providers (and moms for that matter) know it's never a good indication of what the afternoon will hold when you have an infant who needs a 2 hour nap and only takes a 20 minute one... can you say grouchy?

And no, it's not my job to take care of other people's children when they're sick, and I don't have time to walk behind one child with a kleenex all day. I'm not upset at these kids, they can't help it. But I don't have time to wipe noses all day when I have other kids to take care of. It's really not fair to the other kids or me.

As far as my soap being interrupted... yes, I do watch tv when I'm having my LUNCH. Am I allowed to have a lunch or should I just work straight all day? What good is a hungry provider going to be in the afternoon if she can't take a break? Most people get an hour lunch at their job... I'm lucky if I get 15 minutes. Not complaing, just saying... it's nice to have a little break to regroup and get ready for the afternoon. Nothing wrong with that!

I guess if you're not a provider or have a good understanding of how the whole daycare thing works, you may have taken my post offensively. It wasn't meant to be taken that way, just blogging about my day.