April 30, 2007

Get It Together People

I can't say much... but I can say that people really need to get it together. I can't even tell you about the confusion that I've had to deal with today. Oh well, let's just do whatever we want and whenever we want. Schedules, throw them out!

I decided after talking with the woman last week who needed childcare and then talking to the daycare mom who referred her, that it would probably be in my best interest to cancel the interview I had for this afternoon. So that's what I did and I kid you not, the woman was irritated and questioned my motives. I told her that I just didn't have room for two more kids. She wanted to know why and how many kids I had now and why was I only taking 5 and would I have openings in the future... basically she wanted verbal proof that I really couldn't take her kids and that it wasn't all about her. (I don't even KNOW her!!) Then I explained that I didn't have 2 full time openings because I had just found out that I was going to have one of my current daycare girls all summer and that I had thought she was only going to be part-time because her mom is a teacher. Well, the mom is teaching summer school so the little girl will be here every day. Well, ironically this daycare mom is the person who referred this woman and she has her daughter in school. Well, she wanted to know every detail about that. Then she proceeds to tell me, "Well, *E* (daycare mom) IS teaching summer schooling, but she's not working every day, she's only working 3 weeks, then has a break, why are you taking her daughter full time?!" I was like "Well, because my current clients have priority over everyone else and because she asked for full time for the whole summer." I didn't think the woman was ever going to let me off the phone. But, I was calm.

My calmness lately, is alarming. I really feel like the Lord is giving me peace about many things, thus making me a calmer person. Which is good. I like being calm. However, in the past couple of days I have let a couple people hurt my feelings and I haven't stuck up for myself. Not sure how I feel about that, other than I kind of have a "don't give a poo" attitude toward them in general, so I'm not letting it bother me. However, for the record, if you continue to call my children names, I will probably end up going off on you!! Just expect it ok. And don't be surprised when it happens! And don't turn it into "all about you" when it happens either!!

Get this, I'm on the phone with Mr. R and he's walking into work, well when he gets far enough into the building he can't use his cell phone, so while I'm talking to him, I get a call... the number looks like crazyneedsprozac's number. I don't answer it cause Mr. R is almost to where he'll have to hang up. Sure enough when I hang up with Mr. R there's a message in my voice mail. It's HER! She wants to talk to me some more and I need to call her back. Whatever.

I warned daycare mom that "Crazy" will probably be coming after her next demanding an explaination. She laughed and said she wouldn't doubt it.

Then, this just happened....

"Crazy" might be coming to my house for the interview after all. My daycare mom just called and warned me that she just saw her SUV driving this way. Oh my gosh! I doubt she'll show up, but what if she does... Should I just leave a little jar of prozac out on the porch and close all the blinds?