December 17, 2005

Working Mothers in the Bible

I think some people think that to be a good Christian mother, you need to be a non working, stay at home mom. Well, did these people read Proverbs 31? This woman was a working mother/wife, AND...she worked outside the home! She bought fields and planted vineyards, (and did so out of her own earnings), she made linen garments and sold them, and still watched over the household affairs.
But...verse 15...
She gets up while it is still dark; she provides food for her family and portions for her servant girls.
There it is...she had servants!! I knew there was a catch!! LOL
Just had to throw that in there. Couldn't we all use a few "servants"? I did the usual wal*mart trip. It wasn't horrible. Even when a woman cut in front of me in line then directed me to back up while her husband (who had the cart) made his way in front of me at the direction of his wife. I just rolled my eyes. I mean HELLO, I could have my kids racing in and out of lines too to get a spot and then motion for me to hurry and sneak in...grrr. I secretly prayed as I got out of line to find another one, that when they got to the counter, the cashier had to put her light on. I secretly unprayed that prayer after I couldn't find a shorter line and ended up back behind them. God was probably rolling His eyes!! Oh...and my heart dropped when I saw our register light start flashing, but I knew I couldn't get upset. Thankfully, it only stayed flashing for about 10 seconds.

We are home now, got all our groceries put away, ate dinner and are getting ready to watch "Home Alone". I can always watch that movie at Christmas, any other time and I'd pass!! Little Macaulay is so cute!! Don'tchathink?!