December 22, 2005

skittzle de frittzle

Do ya like that "Title"? I couldn't think of anything unique...and that's unique, you have to admit that!!

Today was my last day of daycare for 11 whole days. I'm having anxiety already. Can you believe that??? I have nothing to do for 11 days (other than finish up my shopping and make a trip to Michigan) and I have anxiety. But, that's me...I hate working, but if I'm not, I'm bored and that makes me anxious.

I can't believe that Christmas is only 3 days away. And I can't believe I'm not done with my shopping...oh yes I can!! I'm always down to the last minute with my Christmas shopping. It's my special tradition! Can't break it now.

Tomorrow's exciting plans include getting up at a decent hour to go to a Big and Tall store with my mom to find shirts for my dad. She has some gift certificates to use by Saturday so we picked tomorrow to go. We're getting up early because I have already told her that I will have to be back by 12:30 for The Young and the Restless. I have to see what happens with Lauren and Sheila!

I got some very nice gifts from my daycare families today! I got a bunch of movie tickets and that rocks considering that is one of the things we're going to make sure to do next week. I also got a gift certificate to the place I go tanning, so...I think I may just make myself an appointment tomorrow!! :o) Nothing wrong with looking nice and tan for Christmas right?!

We still haven't gotten Tyler's jeans that we ordered on the 9th from The Children's Place (!! These jeans were suppose to be here sometime between the 15th-20th. today is the 22nd, I was nice, gave them 2 more days and then I called them! They gave me the fedex tracking number and they didn't even leave their warehouse until the 19th. They left Ohio to make their way to their final destination at 3:12 am this morning...but, we still didn't get them!! The funny thing is, I ordered my dad a dvd on Monday and it came today. Go figure!

Can you tell I have absolutely NOTHING to blog about today? I'm tired...going to bed now.

~Night night, don't let the bed bugs bite~