December 15, 2005

updating for the week

Well, we did get the snow and ice last Thursday and I closed the daycare on Friday. I was only going to have one family, so I didn't see the need to stay open.
Although I had already agreed to watch one of my daycare girls that night so her parents could go Christmas Shopping, so technically I did still work, but it was fun with just her. We had dinner, watched a Christmas movie and baked sugar cookies and decorated them. She took a few home to her mommy and daddy.

We still have snow on the ground and some ice on the driveway, but it's probably going to melt today. The temps are up and it's raining. Well, it's snowing but as soon as it hit the ground it's melting.

I went out to walmart last night to get my layaway out. YIKES!!!! Remind me next year not to put stuff in layaway and just buy it instead! The first line I stood in was the one back to the layaway dept. I got in that line at 7:30. I got back to pay for everything at about 8:10. Then, after paying for it, the clerk sent a piece of paper to the back and I had to go over to the infants area and stand in another long line to pick it up. I finally got my stuff at about 8:57 and got out to my car by 9:00. Then because my poor kids were at home with my dad, they hadn't had dinner and were starving so I ran through Mc Donald's and made it home just in time to watch the last half of Trading Spouses.

We are making Christmas Trees at the daycare this afternoon.
You take one sugar cone, place it upside down, put green frosting all over it and decorate with multi colored M&Ms. I think it will be fun and the kids will have a blast doing it. IF they don't eat all the M&Ms before putting them on the cone.

Taylor had his Christmas program last Sunday. We had to be there at 8am to do the first service and then go back again to do the 2nd service. The bells went great...I didn't mess up at all. lol And Taylor did SO good with his solo/trio!
My mom stayed home from Muncie and went with us so she could see Taylor. After church we met my dad for lunch at IHOP. Tyler has been begging to go there.

We bought a new tree Monday night and put it up. That's all I have to say about that. I hate Christmas trees! Well, no, I like them, I just don't like putting it up.

I have most of my Christmas shopping done. I have all the daycare shopping done. I get things for the kids and then something little for each family. I still have little things to get for the boys stockings and a couple more things for my parents. We draw names on my mom's side and I still have to get for them, but I have until the 31st for that. Oh, and the dogs are done too. Now I just have to do the wonderful task of wrapping it all... ugh

~10 more days~