December 4, 2005

Gone Is The Weekend...

Again! The weeks go so slow and the weekends go so fast! I had the most UNproductive weekend ever!! I'm ashamed!! Friday night was a bust...Saturday morning I got up late (yes, I did get to sleep in) and forgot that I needed to be at the bank by noon. Didn't get anything done all day...left at about 4:30 to go get the boys' haircuts. Looked around walmart for a bit while waiting for my mom
to have dinner with her at 6:30. Got back from that at 7:30 and did our weekly shopping until about 9:45. WHAT there is in walmart that keeps us in there for hours upon hours at a time is a mystery to me! I think they have some secret time warp rays that hit you when you walk in and again when you leave...then you get out in your car and look at the clock and wonder HOW you just spent two and a half hours in there and only came out with one CD and some bananas?! It's kind of spooky if you think about it!

While I was in there, I ran into a friend from church. She said they just stopped in real quick to pick up a few things...I saw them again later on and then again in line, they were one register over from me and they left the exact same time I did...YA, did you say you were just going to run in and out? IMPOSSIBLE at walmart!!

Anyway, when I talked to her she asked if we were still homeschooling, I told her we were...she said she was pretty sure they were going to homeschool next year. She has 5 kids, the youngest is in first or second grade and the oldest is in highschool (not sure how old...probably 15 or 16). I told her about the co-op and how fun it is and how great it is to get away each week and what a nice break it is for both the kids and moms...she said that is something that they would definately look into. Yippeeee, I'm not going to be the only homeschooling freak at my church anymore. lol Not that anyone's ever made me feel that way, but when I started attending my church, I was invited by another friend of mine who also has 5 kids and homeschools, and I felt like since she was the music leader and a big part of the church, that we at least had something in common with her and her family and you know...'power in numbers' I guess. I think we are the only homeschooling family there now since she stepped down from her music leader position to travel with her husband. He travels with his job and they have a RV, so they just load up the kids and hit the road. Kinda cool for the kids...what a great way to homeschool! I HATE that my kids and I have to stay in the house every day! I know they get bored and frustrated, but...I gotta work. In a perfect world I would have a wonderful husband who made a nice living and we could go out on field trips all the time...To the zoo, museums, The Children's Museum, co-ops, the mall ...opps, did I just say the mall?! Well, that counts...right?! There are MANY things to learn in the mall!! Oh well, since it's not a perfect world we'll stay at home with screaming kids and try to work our schoolwork in there between getting the kids down for naps and the 15 minutes we have before one of them decides screaming is more fun than sleeping.

So back to my UNproductive weekend...
When we finally got out of walmart we had freezing rain and had to sit in the car for almost 10 minutes before I could even get the ice off the windshield and side windows. I didn't have a scraper but did buy some of that de-icer stuff...don't waste your money, it doesn't work. So, we finally melted and headed home. I drove about 40 the whole way. It wasn't bad until we got in our subdivision. Our driveway has an incline and when I put it in park, we slid. SO...on went the emergency brake and that held it. And let me tell you just how fun it was to try and get groceries and walk up the driveway on solid ice. I'm shocked I didn't fall.

If you know my mom, you know that if there is even a mention of snow she is glued to the weather channel. I wondered how she would handle it when she got out of work at 11. Well shortly after we got home, we got a call that she just clocked out and was leaving early. lol My dad just bought her a 2006 Equinox with all wheel drive, so she didn't have much trouble but I'm sure she was praying the whole way home.

This morning I was in bed and it was so comfortable and cozy...but, I was a greeter at church so...up and the shower, took the dogs out, got the kids up , then for some reason I started slowing down and not paying attention and when I finally looked at a clock, I had 20 minutes and I was still in my towel with a towel on my head. Needless to say, the lovely people who I had to greet saw a no make-up, flat haired woman at our church doors today. OH well, it was too cold to care anyway... I'm sure they wouldn't have cared if Freddy Kruger were opening the doors, just as long as someone was letting them in. Speaking of which...the woman that I greet with is not nice. At least not to me. I don't know if I'm overly paranoid or what, and I've tried to not make much about it and just let it go as "me making something out of nothing" but this woman hates me. I had a "run in" with her over the summer when I was working in our church nursery before I started greeting with her...I went into the nursery to "do my time" and she was there from the first service. She looked at me weird and asked what I was doing. I said that I was on the schedule to be in there. She said she didn't see my name on the board. I said it wasn't up there, but I was on the schedule. Then she asked if I had just come in to "look at the babies"..UMMMM NO, I'm working in here today!! She looked at me like I was lying and stood there for some time, like she didn't trust me to stay in there with two babies. Finally she left and the next few times I went in she didn't say a word and just left. Well...I decided that I wasn't too excited about working in the nursery, since I do daycare all I didn't sign up to work again in the fall and told our children's pastor why...she was very understanding but quick to give me the handbells. LOL Anyway, so I haven't really had much contact with this other woman much. Well, the last time I greeted, I greeted with her. I tried to talk to her but she kind of just kept looking away. When they called me to greet again this week, they told me who I would be greeting with but I didn't think that was her name so I didn't give it another thought. Well, when I got to church this morning, there she was at the door with bulletins in her hand. So, I said hi to her and that I was greeting with her today...she didn't say a word, just turned around and literally had her back to me the whole time. I don't know what I've done to her, but it annoys me. The only time she talked to me was when she ran out of bulletins and asked how many I had, then told me to give her half. Oh well, I'm just going to brush it off...I figure I only have to spend 15 mintues with her a month...I think I can handle that. lol
They'll probably change who I greet with next month anyway...I just want to know why she doesn't like me. And it's not that she's shy...she's very friendly and nice to everyone else who's coming in and standing around. She talks to everyone. (But me!) lol

I did make a nice lunch for us when we got home, watched some of the Colts game and then took a nice 2 hour nap. I didn't get any of the cleaning downstairs done but did get the daycare blankets washed and a load of clothes done. Now I'm just praying that all the runny noses I wiped on Friday are cleared up for tomorrow. Or at least that the parents will bring some meds if they aren't. ugh

Well, even with my 2 hour nap, I'm I'm off to bed. My alarm is going to ring WAY too early and I have a feeling I'm not going to want to get up. I love weekends!

~bye bye my fair friend, see you again in 5 days...
I'll be thinking of you every day until we meet again~
OH and...GO COLTS!! 12-0
Colts 35
Titans 3