December 2, 2005


I have nothing to blog about, but since I have time, I feel I should blog something so...I'll just tell you about my last couple of days.

Yesterday...not much happened. I had 5 daycare kids here. It was a normal daycare day. It snowed huge snow flakes around 8am. It stuck a little, but then melted by noon. We had hand bell practice in the evening. The kids are getting ready for their program which will be on Sunday Dec. 11. so we are making the final adjustments. The kids are doing hand bells as well as singing 2 songs. In one song "Celebrate the Child" there are two solo parts. We hadn't filled those parts yet, so last night our children's pastor had all the kids on the stage and announced that they would fill those solo parts. She told the kids who did NOT want a solo to sit down. All sat down but 6. I was looking at sheet music and wasn't paying attention but heard her say they would split the two verses up and 3 kids could sing the first verse and the other 3 could sing the second. So, the song starts and I look up, the kids are singing the first verse, get to the chorus and who grabs a TAYLOR!! Mr. Doesn't Say a Word in Public EVER!! is going to sing one of the verses? He's going to actually hold a mic and sing into it in front of our whole church. OH MY GOSH...NO WAY!! I was shocked but brimming with excitement. I couldn't wait for Tyler's class to get over so when he came in I could tell him that his brother actually took a singing part in the program. I was grinning ear to ear. I also told his brother that if he made fun of him I would ground him for FOREVER plus one day!!! So, practice is over and we get in the car and I get all proud mommylike and start in on the "I'm SO proud of you Taylor", "I am so excited", "I can't believe you took a part", etc... Well...this is what really happened...Taylor was by some noisy kids and didn't hear our children's pastor say to sit down so he just kept standing there and Ooops, got a part. Of course him being so SHY he didn't dare speak up and say he didn't want a part, so he took it. LOL I said to him, "Oh well, we have the cd so get practicing" And we did TODAY!! He'll be fine and I'll be right up front with them since I am leading the bells, so he shouldn't have any problems. Actually I think it will be very good for him.

Today.... was another normal daycare day except for the fact that my little ones are all getting colds and I had to wipe noses about 1,000 times today. Oh and I had one little one who was horribly whiney all morning, acting like he was either sick or tired or both and I had to figure it out myself because his mom couldn't bother to tell me anything at drop off. I found out from dad tonight at pick up that he didn't sleep last night. Ohhhhh ok, well that must have been why he was trying to go to sleep on me at 9am and wanted to be held all morning and would cry everytime I'd try to put him down! Hmmm, wonder why he just didn't tell me what was wrong, I mean he IS 16 months old, he should be able to let me know what's going on, don't ya think? I guess I'm going to have to start giving mom the third degree every morning. All daycare parents are like that and I don't understand it, but oh well, there are a lot of things I don't understand about them. And there's probably many things about me that they can't understand. Sounds like a normal relationship to me!!
Tonight we went to Blockbuster...didn't have the movie we wanted...go figure! Then we ran through McDonald's and came home. Now I am sitting here bored and just happy with the thought that I do not have to get up in the morning. Of course I'll be wide awake by 8am, it's Sunday that I'll want to sleep in. That's always the way it works. Sunday I am greeting at church so we have to be up and be there early.
Other than that, I have no plans for this weekend. Jealous? Ya, didn't think so.

~happy weekend~